Our Sexiest Costumes for Party or Playtime

With Halloween soon approaching, you’ve probably given some thought to what parties you’ll go to and what you’ll wear. But don’t forget to check out our costume section for sexy costumes that can be worn all year round in the comfort of your own bedroom or even out of the house to a scandalous party!

The Most Popular Sexy Halloween Costume

1. Fever Police Officer

Fever Police

Both men and women look good in uniform; although, you won’t catch an actual officer in something so risque as this strappy number. The PVC costume leaves little to the imagination, but you can certainly have fun by adding role play to your bedroom activities. A while and a set of handcuffs are the perfect accessories to match.

If that costume isn’t up your alley, you can try the Undercover Cop 6 Piece Set. It’s part bondage but all sexy with its PVC design, which includes a tie.

2. Fever Army

If military uniforms are what do it for you, look no further than this army-inspired lingerie costume. Olive green and black mesh combine in a chemise. Shoulder and hat details complete the look, which would definitely be sexy with a pair of combat boots.

3. Nurse This White

Our curvier readers can rest assured that we have them covered, too. It evokes classic nurse

Nurse Plus Size

imagery thanks to the red-and-white motif. The costume includes hat, skirt, garters and bras. But you can add your own stethoscope and stiletto shoes to complete the look. Your man will love as you check him over for any assumed injury or illness. Then, you can kiss it all better!

4. Fever Student Head Girl

Fever Student

The classic schoolgirl uniform turns on just about everyone. You don’t need to scour your closet for your old duds, however. This costume is a single piece with a skirt, collar and cutout sides that ups the ante from regular schoolgirl outfits. The collar and logo patch add a touch of realism to the otherwise provocative outfit.


5. Nun Corset

The final costume on our list is one the evokes fear and arousal in many people. The strict nun would brandish here ruler against a desk or the knuckles of any student who wasn’t paying attention. For women who like to dominate their men in the bedroom, there is no easier way than donning this costume. The headpiece and collar come with the lace-up corset.


All of these costumes would go well with your favorite pair of thigh highs or fishnet stockings and your favorite pumps. Accessorize with a paddle or flogger to help you get into the role, even if you don’t need to use it.

If you haven’t found what you want on this list, check out our sexiest costumes for more inspiration.

Hoods and Masks aren’t only for Halloween – Try Them Today!

This Halloween, you might be dressing up like a goblin or ghoul like so many people do. But there are some sexual explorers who have discovered how erotically enthralling costumes and accessories can be. We’re here to tell you that hoods and masks aren’t only for Halloween; they have a place in the bedroom, too!

A hood or mask is perfect for role play — you or your partner gets to play another role. Perhaps you’re normally shy, but the anonymity provided by a mask means that you can be bolder than you normally would. If you’ve ever donned a naughty schoolgirl costume and promptly began to misbehave, you understand the allure of a mask. It’s dress up for your head and face!

Leather Mouth Gag

Some masks and hoods are specifically designed to make you look like someone – or something – else. These include animal masks. The horse and rabbit are especially popular in BDSM because of their unique features and long ears.

This bring is to our next point: hoods and masks are excellent for BDSM players, which frequently involves role playing. A hood or masks by definition covers parts of your head and face in a form of bondage.

In a basic mask such as the Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex 3 Hole Hood, your mouth and eyes are free. It’s not very bondage-like, which makes it good for beginners (and also for being able to perform oral!).

Fetish Fantasy 3 Hole

The Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex Open Mouth Hood removes eye holes, which means your world becomes obscured as you wear the hood. What will your partner do next? Even if he or she touches you in the same way as usual, the anticipation will make things feel electric, and your other senses will become more alert.

The Leather Mouth Gag with Adjustable Straps is an interesting piece. Rather than being a full hood, it covers only the eyes (with a blindfold that’s sure to stay in place) and the mouth via a gag. Gags make it difficult to speak or even swallow, which makes them great for bondage and humiliation.

If you’d prefer just the gag, you can try out the Leather Mouth Gag with Adjustable Straps. The square panel that fits over your – or your partner’s – mouth binds a larger area than your typical ball gag. The strapped collar adds a little touch of bondage that your typical gag lacks. The entire thing looks pretty hot if you’re into fetish wear.

Fetish Fantasy Open Mouth

Of course, those aren’t the only unique masks that we carry. You can satisfy your medical fetish with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Malpractice Mask, a vinyl hood that will look stunning on anyone. And the Fetish Fantasy Series Fishnet Hood leaves plenty of your skin exposed if you’re not quite ready to work your way up to a full, blackout hood.

There’s truly a mask or hood for any aspiring kinkster!

A word of warning to anyone who’s excited about hoods and masks: removing the ability to see or speak can be more overwhelming than you

Malpractice Mask

imagine. Rather than delve into an elaborate scene, try wearing the hood, masks or blindfold during traditional sex to get used to it.

When you add a hood or mask to play, you get to be someone else and experience sensations like never before. Even putting on a hood or mask can become symbolic during the beginning of your play, and you’ll become aroused as soon as you put it on. But you’ll never know until you try your first mask or hood.

Respect The Boobies!

Don’t forget the boobies!

Foreplay is an important aspect of the language and song of sex. Without foreplay, sex can lack rhythm, narrative, and variety. Boobs, breasts, tits; whatever you call them, they are important to foreplay. While it is certainly not required (variety is the spice of life) new couples sometimes start higher up on their bodies and work their way down to lower erogenous zones. If kissing and breast stimulation are important to you in foreplay, make it known in your sex life and stand up for the boobies’ right to feel great. In fact, breast stimulation is a powerful activity for any phase of a sexual encounter. So love the boobies and don’t forget the boobies!

There are a variety of ways to stimulate the breasts. Squeezing, sucking, and fondling all come pretty naturally and are stimulating to many individuals. Some lovers prefer to deal with the whole breast and some need a nipple focus. When the boobies in your life need a little (or a lot) of extra attention, consider augmenting your sexual activity with some toys and devices invented to please and engage the breasts. You may be seeking more pressure, teasing or warmth on the breasts. Nipple clamps and nipple massagers are just two of many such available products. You may also want to consider arousal gels and pretty petal nipple designs. Lovers of all persuasions, personalities, (and genders) can benefit from some quality attention given to their breasts, chests, and nipples, so take the plunge and give the boobies the attention and love they deserve!

5 (not so) shocking sex and life secrets of a gay man

Gay men are some of the most stereotyped people in society. There is tons of misinformation circulating the web about gay men’s sex lives, often times playing into stereotypes rather than expressing reality. Because of this, we have compiled a list of some sex and life secrets of gay men that may shock you, even though they really shouldn’t.


Gay men keep their feelings to themselves.

While Hollywood often likes to portray emotional gay men that talk about their feelings nonstop, gay men often feel as though they need to keep it private.

More gay men identify as ‘versatile’ than you’d think!

That’s the joy of gay sex, the individual can change his role from partner to partner depending on the relationship dynamics. A generally shy person can have the opportunity to be dominated in bed one day and submissive another.

Gay men are no less or no more sexually active then straight men.

In fact, on average, the number of sexual partners is the same for both. The main difference is many gay men are totally okay with just making out and foreplay and enjoy that just as much (if not more) than actual penetration. According to OK Cupid gay men are more artistic, thus finding great joy in even a simple BJ while straight men are more horny, always wanting to go the final mile and get it in. Like, a lot.

Gay men are not inherently more romantic than straight men.

For some reason, people still believe that being gay somehow makes you more romantic, when this is quite the contrary. There are plenty of gay men that don’t want to go on date after date, including many that prefer one-night stands and purely sexual relationships over traditional dating.

Gay relationships are not always monogamous.

While mainstream media likes to show gay couples as living lives parallel to the traditional image of straight couples, there is a rising trend of open relationships within the gay community, just like in the straight community.

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation


Let’s not put too fine a point on it. Do you come too quickly? When you embrace your partner, are the festivities over almost as soon as they begin? Is premature ejaculation ruining your love life?

If you climax faster than you want to, or quicker than your partner wants you to, you’re not alone. It may be small comfort to know that most men experience premature ejaculation now and then. In fact, too-rapid climax is the #1 sexual complaint of men under the age of forty. Lots of things can make it happen, and several things can be done to make it stop. Try these three easy ways to prevent premature ejaculation, if you want to last longer.

Kegel squeezes

It may be easier to find your pubococcygeus muscle than it is to pronounce. Begin to urinate and stop in midstream. The muscle you contract to do that is the “PC” muscle, and it’s the same muscle that can stop a too-quick climax. When you feel the urge, contract and hold until the urge passes.

Desensitizing Cream

Topical anesthetics that contain lidocaine and other desensitizing agents provide on-demand relief to many men by reducing sensation just enough to delay orgasm. Modern formulas in products such as Promescent absorb quickly and do not transfer to partners.

Try Tantra

If you feel yourself about to come too soon, pull out, tuck your chin to your chest and take a slow deep breath. Contract and hold your PC muscle until the urge to ejaculate subsides. With practice, tantric techniques can prolong lovemaking indefinitely.

Romantix is here to enhance your love life, no matter what your sexual preference. We’re all about positive, reliable information and erotic amusements, too.

4 Tips on How Successful Couples Fight

All Couples Fight. Here’s How Successful Couples Do It Differently.

Let’s face it, everyone fights sometimes and in some situations, a good row is even fun. Arguing is actually a sign of a healthy relationship if it does not abuse or belittle. There is nothing wrong with expressing your displeasure with something your significant other did, but it’s never okay to call your partner names or use other hurtful words.


Here are 4 tips on how successful couples fight.

1  They Stand Their Ground

When an argument becomes heated, they don’t run off and stew. Instead, both parties verbally address the issues of the fight until they are resolved. Running off and avoiding the unpleasantness of the disagreement doesn’t solve anything, in fact, it makes things worse. Maybe you have heard to never go to bed mad at each other, well that is sound advice. Seeking the solace of sleep instead of addressing the problems in the relationship doesn’t make them better. It is just a form of avoidance and harmful to the relationship.

2. Take Turns

One person does not do all the talking in an argument. You need to take turns and truly listen to each other. No matter how hard it might be, do not interrupt your partner. Let her finish talking before you start to tell your side of the story.

3.  Give Each Other the Benefit of Doubt

You need to acknowledge that neither one of you is perfect. remember that you ultimately you love each other or you would not be together, so give each other the benefit of the doubt.

4.  Never Threaten to Bail

Threatening to leave your partner over an argument is immature and detrimental to the trust in the relationship. Remember that you are a team and in it for the long haul.

Fights happen. Remember that everyone argues, it is a great way to self-express yourself to your partner.  Just remain levelheaded and before you realize it, the argument will end and it’ll be time to make up.

Celebrities Say the Darnedest Things: Our Top Celebrity Sex Quotes

Our top Celebrity sex quotes

Celebrities often seem like they are in a completely different universe from us normal people, but when it comes to love, sex, and relationships, the words that come out of their mouths prove they may be more like us than we think. What do some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities think about their own sexiness? Let’s find out with our top favorite celebrity sex quotes.

Halle Berry

“Sexiness is a state of mind — a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.” – Halle Berry

Still referred to a one of the most legendary modern sex symbols, Halle Berry was once the ideal woman for every man. While Halle Berry and her flawless physique may have faded from the limelight, her fierce sensuality still lives on.

Johnny Depp

“If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”Johnny Deppjohnnyd

After his start on the first Nightmare on Elm Street to his breakout roles in Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, many of us have grown old alongside Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, he is the kind of man who just grows more handsome with time and his thoughts of love, sex, and relationships prove he is the perfect kind of mate.

Lady Gaga

“I want the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of you that you are afraid to share with anyone because I love you that much.”Lady Gaga

This pop star made a name for herself by embracing everything strange and weaving it into some of the most unforgettable songs and music videos ever made. Despite her fashion choices, often described by the mainstream media as “creepy,” and her generally asexual nature, the erotic persona that is Lady Gaga represents an exciting beginning to a sexual revolution that throws the old norms of sex out the window.

Jessica Alba

“I don’t think a girl is a slut if she enjoys sex. I could have a one-night stand, and I’m the kind of girl who looks over in the morning and is like, Do you really have to be here?”Jessica Alba

jessicaRising from the gawky little girl in The Secret World of Alex Mack to her breakout role as a scintillating seductress on Fox’s Dark Angel television show, Jessica Alba has continuously captured the eye of audiences while shying away from the spotlight. While this vibrant young actress felt objectified as a sex symbol, it’s clear that she is no prude.