Top 4 Websites for Meeting the Guy of Your Dreams: Gay Guide to Online Dating

Where to meet the man of your dreams: Gay Guide to dating in the digital world

Finding a serious relationship with another gay man can be tough. Sure, we can go to gay clubs, but as you’ve probably noticed, most of the men there are not “relationship material.”


Online dating for gay men has blown up in recent years. I’ve tried meeting other gay men through personal connections (friends of friends often know attractive gay guys), social clubs, and bars. In my experience, online dating is far superior to all of these options.

Having said that, all websites aren’t created equal. Here are the top four websites for finding a great partner:

1. OkCupid

OkCupid is the best free dating website. Unlike some other big dating websites (such as the infamous eHarmony) OkCupid supports gay men.

The large userbase of OkCupid is both a strength and a weakness. It’s easy to find someone near you but it’s sometimes hard to get a response from attractive males since they get so many messages.

OkCupid is completely free. Signing up for an account is worthwhile.

2. Chemistry

Chemistry has a fairly large database and great modern layout.

Chemistry is different than other dating websites because it matches users based on location and a personality test – users don’t search for each other.

It’s a unique concept that is worth trying out. It may help you meet a special someone that would “fall through the cracks” on traditional dating websites.

3. Match

Match costs a monthly fee but I believe it’s worth it. The people on here tend to be more serious about creating a meaningful relationship than other websites.

I’ve found that the men on Match are the hottest out of all four dating websites.

4. Gay Dating

Gay Dating is more geared toward casual encounters. However, the men I’ve met on here have been classier and seem more open to pursuing a long-term relationship than other casual gay dating websites.

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What’s Up with the Butt: Anal Sex 101

When it comes to anal sex, we’ve all heard two stories: one from our adventurous friend that says “Oh my god you HAVE to try it! I’ve never came so hard in my life!”

OOORRR… the horror story. “Oh my god it was so painful, I bled and it hurt to sit down for a week.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here to have a frank discussion about anal sex. For so long it has been considered taboo, somewhat dangerous, or something only slutty girls do. We’re going to give you the low-down on why anal play is so popular (it’s one of our fastest growing categories!) and how to go about it safely, comfortably, and (most importantly) pleasurably.

It can be a little daunting; letting someone in your back door that, up until now, was only considered an ‘exit’ hole. Or maybe it’s the stigma that worries you more: Am I going to be a ‘slut’ if I have anal sex? (No, of course not!) Is it going to hurt? Will it be messy? (And by messy, well, you can probably get what we’re hinting at)

Anal sex, done incorrectly, can certainly be painful and potentially messy. But done correctly, it can be extremely liberating, orgasmic, and bonding. Here’s why:

1. It builds a deep, trusting bond between you and your partner. 

If you’re ready to experiment with anal sex, make sure you are comfortable with the other person; it takes a little time, patience, and understanding to get it right. If your relationship has the ability to execute these qualities, you’re in the right market for a little back door fun. Having trust in your partner that he will go at your pace is monumental, and being on the receiving end of that trust is as well. When two people who trust each other try something new, the result is usually a closer, more open and honest relationship. What’s not to love about that?

2. It can be incredibly pleasurable for the woman, not just the man.

Anal sex is not only incredibly arousing because it’s something new and naughty, but it also allows your guy to hit your g-spot from a different angle, resulting in other-worldly, spine-tingling orgasms. If that wasn’t enough to convince you already, you can get a double-whammy of stimulation by also touching your lady bits at the same time. As the Bad Girl’s Bible states, “it leaves you completely free to stimulate inside and outside of your vagina, which can help you to have much more powerful orgasms.” So, just to recap, an orgasm that is a result of clitoral, vagina, and anal stimulation. You can probably guess that it feels nothing short of mind-blowing.

3. It doesn’t have to hurt

One word: LUBE. Lots and lots of lube. This isn’t something you can just throw yourself into. (Or, er, have your guy throw himself into). You need to go slooow, and use a lot of lubricant to make for a smooth ride. Use a water based lubricant, liberally.

It’s also a good idea to try stimulating yourself anally before the fact. Start with a finger and then slowly work up to something a bit bigger, like a vibrator or anal toy. This way, you won’t be surprised by the new sensation when you and your partner get down.

4. It’s liberating!

There’s no better feeling than trying and succeeding in a new experience, especially a sexual one. Sex is something that’s so deeply personal, and when you’re on your A-game you are unstoppable, not just in the bedroom but also in life. It gives you a carefree confidence that is so alluring and captivating, you seem to magnetically attract positive vibes. To boot, conquering a fear is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you push through the wall of fear, put your trust in someone, and succeed, you set a new standard for yourself and change your life.

See? It doesn’t have to be scary. If you’ve been curious about anal sex and think you and your partner are ready, you should give it a try and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. There’s just as much fun to be had with booty play as there is with vaginal sex, and just as many playful toys. (Love Beads, anyone?) Educate yourself on the subject so you know what to expect, and then have at it! The world is your bootylicious oyster.

Take This Pansexual: Fun Quiz to Tell If You’re Pansexual

Do you think you may be pansexual? Ever had some confusion about your sexuality? Then the Pansexual: Fun quiz to tell if you’re pansexual can help!


1. Would you say you’re very open-minded?

a) yes – 3 points

b) somewhat – 2 points 

c) no – 1 point

2. Would you ever date someone who identifies as “gender-fluid” or “genderqueer”?  (gender-fluid is defined as a person having gender expression that is not fixed and changes over time, genderqueer is a person who is not strictly masculine or feminine)

a) I would if I liked them – 3 points 

b) what does that mean? – 2 points

c) I don’t think so – 1 point

3. Have you ever been confused when it comes to using the terms bi, gay or lesbian?

a) no – 1 point

b) a little bit – 2 points

c) yes, totally! – 3 points

4. What do you notice first that makes you think someone is attractive?

a) their smile – 2 points 

b) a certain femininity or masculinity – 1 point 

c) their words – 3 points

5. Are you turned on by androgyny? (androgyny is the blending of both masculine and feminine characteristics, or not identifying with either of them specifically)

a) it’s pretty sexy – 3 points 

b) I guess so – 2 points 

c) not at all – 1 point


How closely do you match up with the definition of “pansexual”?

5-7 points

You’re not pansexual

Maybe you are bisexual, gay or straight. Either way, you clearly are interested in people for their gender. Their intellect and aspects of their personality may interest you, but you have more of a traditional view in terms of sex and relationships.

8-11 points


You have a fleeting interest in different types of sexuality. Maybe you have identified as pan before. However, you are kind of just figuring yourself out still.

12-15 points

Truly pan

You’re as pansexual as they come! You are not limited by gender binary in terms of attraction, because you fall for someone for their personality above all else. Love is about being open-minded, so you do not mind doing what is unconventional. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to be you!

Fleshlight: The Ultimate In Men’s Sex Toys

The Fleshlight is perhaps the most popular brand of male masturbators on the market, and it’s definitely the best known. Although few people would actually confuse the large case with a flashlight, the cases are relatively discreet in person. But it’s what’s inside a Fleshlight that makes it so well-loved!

The Fleshlights are available in three cases:

When you unscrew the cap of the Fleshlight, you’ll see an orifice – vagina, mouth or anus – to penetrate. These are made of Superskin and available in various flesh tones, clear and even blue for alien Fleshlights! This is far from the only way you can customize your Fleshlight, however.

Texture is a main component of your Fleshlight. Do you want it soft, rough, tight or

Stamina Training Unit

loose? These are ridges, nubs, tubes and twists. It’s best to view photos of the textures to get an idea of how they differ from one another; however, what you like might surprise you.

Users swear by their favorite Fleshlight texture, and there are even websites and forum threads dedicated to the topic. You’ll find there’s no single “best” texture of Fleshlight.

Some of the most popular textures include:

  • Destroya and Mini-Destroya
  • STU
  • Wonder Wave
  • Lotus and Mini-Lotus
  • Vortex
  • Bi-Hive
  • Super Ribbed
  • Alien

Plus, you can get a masturbator modeled after the anatomy of your favorite porn star. Both Alex Texas (Texas Tornado) and Teagan Presley (Love Humps) have their own internal textures.

There’s even an attachment to connect your Fleshlight to your iPad! If you want an even more intense experience, you can get a sleeve warmer or vibrating attachment for your Fleshlight or mount it in the shower.

Shower Mount

The final selling point of the Fleshlight is the suction, which you can control by opening the end opposite of the cap. Combined with just enough personal lubricant – use water-based lube to avoid damaging your toy – your designer Fleshlight can feel like a premium experience. Remember that added suction means added noise, however.

After you’re done with your Fleshlight, remove the inner sleeve and run warm water through it to clean. Make sure to allow it to thoroughly dry before returning it to your case. Fleshlight sells renewing powder, which will help your toy feel like new.

Find Fleshlights, lube and accessories at Romantix.

Consider Our Top 5 Couples Products for your next Adventure

Our top 5 couples products

Shopping for new couples products is always fun no matter what the reason is. Maybe it has been a long week and you and your partner are looking for something to spice up the weekend, or one of you might be away, and you are considering phone or cam sex to keep the relationship new and fresh while you are separated. In either case you should consider including one or more of these top five couples products to help stimulate your next adventure.

Fantasy C-ringz Ultimate Couples Cage

Made with body safe silicone this waterproof cage fits directly over his penis giving him a firm squeeze around his shaft. The powerful vibrations created by a strong bullet vibrator located on top of his shaft will help bring on an equally powerful erection. The back ring of the cage slips comfortably around his balls giving him the added stamina of a cock ring. While the vibrations of the top part enhance every move he makes there is another large vibrator angled perfectly to stimulate and tease her clit as he moves in and out of her. Five powerful speeds make teasing and stimulating each other an exciting adventure.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

Fantasy C-Ringz

The We-Vibe enables a couple to explore and investigate what it is like giving up control, as well as taking it. This toy is perfect for a BDSM dynamic where one partner is in control of the others stimulation by remote. The vibrator is for her, and once it is inserted the We-Vibe hugs her from the g-spot out and around her mound to her clit. The snug fit allows it to stay in even when moving around. The vibrator can then be controlled by an app on the phone or a remote control in the capable hands of her partner.

Imagine going out to dinner and never really being sure when your partner may turn it on or if they will turn it off long enough for you to eat. This also works very well if you are separated by distance either for the weekend or longer. In a long distance relationship this product gives the couple a little more control over their sex life until they can be physically together again.

Wet Together Lubricant

With these two bottles of lubricant in hand you and your partner can take the sensual art of touching each other to the next level. Using your lubricated hands and fingers to

Wet Together

investigate and titillate your partners private areas will be the beginning of a vivaciously intimate sexual experience. Silky and slippery hands rubbing and teasing each other is a great way to start non-verbal communication during sex. It is easy to find out what each partner likes by touching and listening to how quick their breaths come as while passing over and into different parts of their body.

Up Spice It Up Double Action Couples Ring 1

This ring has two bullet vibrators attached to it for exciting fun. When the ring is on he will get a strong vibration at the base of his penis just at the top of his balls, giving him added stimulation during the rocking back and forth motions. The top of the ring also has a bullet vibrator and an added nub to reach the clit and give her the same type of added stimulation during sex. The bullets have simple on and off buttons on the end making them easy to turn on and off. They also slip out of the cock ring for easy cleaning.

Bendable You Too

This soft silicone toy is bendable and versatile giving you and your partner all kinds of options on how to play. It comes with a remote control so you can give up control and allow your partner to guide you to climax. The shape makes it easy to reach the g spot and the soft bendable silicone also allows him to also stimulate his prostate at the same time. The toy can be used over his penis as well stimulating him before inserting it into her.

Bendable You Too

With all of these toys always check out the requirements for lubricant as well as how to clean them. Silicone toys should only be used with silicone safe lube to protect the life of your toy. All of the toys listed are easy to clean and store until your next adventure.

Find Out Which Strap-on Is Best for You!

Pop quiz! How many ways can a strap-on spice up your love life and add some WOW! to your nights?

Go ahead…. let your imagination run wild.

How many did you think of? Honestly, we’re still counting. Strap-ons — dildos designed to be worn on the body, often with a harness — are incredibly versatile and can be used by anyone feeling adventurous. Gender (yours or your partner’s) doesn’t matter — a strap-on doesn’t discriminate.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Double-ended versions let couples join together in experiencing toe-curling ecstasy
  • Sate your partner’s desire for penetrative pleasure
  • With practice, men can learn to use a strap-on for double penetration
  • Men can add some girth and length or set aside any worries about staying hard
  • Straight couples can engage in pegging, a kinky role-reversal that puts the woman in charge and lets the man take a turn being penetrated
  • Into a bit of good old-fashioned BDSM or orgasm denial? Keep the lovemaking going on all night long by having him use a strap-on that forces him to focus on your pleasure

No matter what gets you going, strap-ons can be a great addition. Here’s a tip: use plenty of lube to get really wet and wild and ensure the utmost pleasure. Just make sure you choose a lube that’s fully compatible with your toy’s material.

So what’s the best strap-on for you? Let’s take a look at eight of the best strap-on options strap-on options for all the adventurous couples out there!

A Versatile Toy for Beginners

Fun Factory Share

Just getting started with toy play? No problem! Our Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Hollow Strap On is perfect for novices. It’s small enough that even a newbie won’t be intimidated, but perfectly designed to give maximum pleasure no matter where you put it. Plus, it’s hollow and uses a comfortable harness, allowing men to keep going all night long without fear of losing their erection. And it’s priced affordably, so you can be introduced to tons of new thrills without breaking the bank.

Silicone Love Rider Hipster Harness

A Strap-on That Won’t Ride Up During Your Ride

If you have sensitive skin or find straps uncomfortable, don’t despair — with our Silicone Love Rider Hipster Harness, you can have a strap-on without the straps. This one comes with a sensual lace trim and a convenient internal pocket for your favorite vibrator.

Bigger Pleasure for Every size- Plus size options available

You’ll love our Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap-On. It’s made to accommodate larger size bodies for both men and women. And at 7 inches of pure ecstasy, it’s the perfect toy to bring you waves of pleasure. Our suggestion? Use it with a C-ring and the flexible jelly material will give you happy vibrations all over.

Double the Ladies, Double the Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy with Anal Stimulation

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Strapless Strap-On with Anal Stimulator is every lesbian couple’s dream toy. Thrust away with wild abandon — the toy will stay securely in place while stimulating the wearer’s G-spot and butt. And there’s just nothing better than feeling your partner’s hands all over your body while the curved, ribbed shaft hits all the right spots with powerful vibrations.

Fetish Fantasy Hallow Strap On

For Advanced Players

If you’re not new to the strap-on game, we have something special for you. The Fetish Fantasy Elite 10-Inch Hollow Strap-On will fill up any hole you want. It’s a full ten inches, and is hollow so men can wear it as an incredible extension to their own natural package. Despite the length, this toy glides in seamlessly with its smooth silicone surface.

Sharing is Caring

The Fun Factory Share adds variety to your playtime. Use it with or without a harness, and take turns feeling its incredible effects on your G-spot and everywhere else. This is our best-quality option, so you’ll want to share it as often as you can!

For Very Curious Couples

Looking for something new to try? Our Timeless Classics Vibrating Inflatable Double Dipper brings a unique experience to the bedroom. Get bigger and bigger by pumping up the inflatable front to the perfect size for your partner, and get the perfect vibrations with seven different speeds.

When You Want To Take Control

Fetish Fantasy Plus Sized

Have you been bad? Our Dominant Submissive Collection Strap-On Dong comes with a blindfold to enhance the unbelievable sensations that come from this toy’s rotating, vibrating ribbed shaft. You have to try it to believe it!

Whatever your preference, we can give you the perfect toys to fill your nights with fun. Visit us at or a store near you to switch up tonight’s routine and really make your partner appreciate all that you have to give.

Tell me, Do you like it HOT?

Toys that heat up, warm up and get you hot.

Light the candles, turn on your “go to” tunes for an outstanding night of sensual touch and tension release. When it is time to draw back the covers, and whether you are going it alone, or with a partner try out these heated lubricants and toys to increase your sexual sensations and pleasures tonight.

JO Warming Silicone Lubricant 2.5 oz.

When your favorite toy is silicone and you want to keep it in great shape it is best to use a silicone lubricant with it. JO warming silicone lubricant is not only perfect for use with your favorite toy but it warms up to the touch. Try a little bit at a time with a toy or alone to accentuate touch and movement.

System Jo Warming Lube

JO Sensual Massage Warming 4.5 oz.

Whether you are playing alone or you are playing with a partner this massage oil is a great addition to your night stand stash. This oil heats up as you move with it, so you can massage it into sore muscles to release tension and then move to more sensitive parts for a stronger release. Use it on him to heat up his shaft for a hot sensation, or on her to heat up her clit, or prepare for other exploration.

Warm-N-Glow Vibe – Pink

This vibrator warms as well as vibrates giving you intensity on two different levels. The flexible head begins at a standard speed, and can be raised to a higher more intense pace. The vibe can then heat up setting off more of your senses and creating warming sensation that you will tell your friends about.

Summer Lovin Warming Vibrator – Pink

Summer Lovin Warming Vibe

Starting out with eight different speeds and a shaft covered with soft silicone tufts this vibrator offers up pleasure on a special level. Like other vibrators it runs you through the speeds, exhausting your body’s sensations. However with the added bonus of a heated shaft this vibrator takes it up a level to give you a more realistic pleasure and heighten your experience and orgasm.

Jo for Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant – .35 Fl. Oz. / 10 ml

Just a dab on the clit and this warm and buzzy stimulant will have her rising up off the bed in excitement. A little big goes a long way and will not only warm her up but it will stimulate her sensitive parts awakening a pleasure that is hard to ignore. If you are using this with a partner or on your own it will be a must have addition to your night stand drawer.

Whisper Micro Heater Bullet – Purple

This is an extra powerful bullet that runs quietly under the covers. Sit back and select one of the two vibration modes by simply pressing on the conveniently located button. This may be small but it packs a warm punch and will excite your insides. You or your partner can use this on the clit for an external orgasm. Add a heating lube and you’re going to have a hot and exciting night.

Warming Wand

The Amazing Warming Wand

The warming wand heats up your pleasure sleeve and gives you a more realistic experience when masturbating with sleeve type toys. It only takes about ten minutes to heat up your toy, and that gives you time to lean back, get comfortable, and start sinking into your rhythm. Once your toy is heated up you can slide in with a standard lube, or a warming one to increase the sensation you crave.

Remember when you play with new toys or lubes to test them out first and make sure that they are compatible with your toys as well as your body. Try a little bit of lube out on a small sensitive part first and pay attention to your body. When using heated toys, try it first on the inside of your wrist to gauge the heat and how hot you want it.