Explore Your Shades of Passion with the Provacative Spreader Bar

Product highlight: spreader bar

A spreader bar is a product one may not have heard much, if anything, about until the recent release of a certain erotic series exploring the world of bondage. With the gathering interest into the many layers of eroticism, it’s natural to want to know a little about some of the products out there that will add an exciting degree of kink in the bedroom. The spreader bar is assuredly an item that will give both partners a thrill, as it plays upon one’s feelings of trust, suspense, pleasure, and control from a stimulating position.

There are different kinds of spreader bars available, typically made of wood or metal. Some people actually make their own versions using things like shower or closet rods. Spreader bars are used with some form of tie, such as rope, stockings, cable ties and the like.

The chosen partner’s wrists are tied to opposite sides of the bar, which spreads their arms away from their body, leaving them unable to touch, or push away their mate during use. These bars are used for the wrists, as well as for the ankles, spreading one’s legs apart so they are unable to close them of their own free will. Our popular Fetish Fantasy Series Spread Em Bar And Cuff Set consists of two metal bars, perfect for simultaneously binding wrist an ankles, fitted with adjustable, swivel-mounted cuffs so one can easily move just enough to try out new positions while remaining securely fastened. With both wrists and ankles secured, the bound party is completely at the mercy of their mate, which is both a sensual and exciting experience.


The use of a spreader bar allows sexual cohorts explore their boundaries, allowing one person to exercise a position of power during the experience by giving pleasure, taking it away, maybe even exercising light punishments if inclined. Those bound to the bar will relish feeling completely exposed, and vulnerable while teased, gratified, yet unable to reciprocate, deny, or control the situation in any way. It is always recommended to discuss what one’s sexual limits, and boundaries are before entering into such acts requiring trust, and defenselessness. Whether one is in control, or the one being controlled, a spreader bar guarantees to bring out various shades of pleasure in both parties!

BDSM Newbie – what you need to know


BD/SM (Bondage & Discipline / Sadism & Masochism) is a lifestyle that has begun to come out of the closet more and more with the help of movies, television, and social media. If this is something you or your partner have been curious about, but are not sure where to start here are some ways you can express your desires to your significant other and step out into your local fetish community.

Share with your Partner – This is one of the hardest and most important parts when you are dipping your toes into BDSM. If you have a partner and you want to experience this with them, sit them down and bring up the topic slowly. It may start out with something like “I was thinking about stepping up our bedroom experience and would like it if you tied me up or if you would let me tie you up” It sounds difficult but once it is out there you will be surprised how open most people are to new experiences and adventures. You can also start out with “I was reading a book and I thought it was sexy when he/she spanked him/her”. What you are doing is simply bringing up the topic to see where it goes. Once your partner is on board it is time to go shopping.

Finding the right toys – One thing you want to have handy if you are going to try things out is a toy bag. Most couples and singles will have their own toy bag of items that they want either used on them or to use on someone else. Items that you may want to have handy are:

These are just a few items, your toy bag can turn into a toy trunk and eventually a toy closet. You will want to try these items out either as a couple or if you are single try them on yourself first when able. This will give you a good idea of what to expect and how to play with them.

If you are single and want to get out and meet others in your local BDSM community the best way to get started is to find them. You will find local groups with simple research into meet ups and groups online.

Once you have located a group you would like to attend, reach out to the leader or membership coordinator and ask about new member meetings or educational meetings. Most groups have them and if they don’t keep looking. You will be surprised at how welcoming the fetish community is, there are people who are just starting out and people who have been playing for years.

Start out with a safe word that you and your partner agree on. Make sure it is not something you would normally say, and if you are uncomfortable or unsure of how you are feeling during play, use that word to stop what is happening and reassess the situation. Always communicate, and keep in mind these two mantras of the BDSM community. Safe, Sane, and Consensual and Risk Aware Kink.

Learn More About the Rhino 7 5000 and Why You Need It


BEST SELLING male enhancement pill Rhino 7 5000

Everyone wants to be the best performer, especially when it comes to getting down and dirty. If you haven’t been bringing your A game recently, there’s help in the form of the Rhino 7 5000. It’s a single pill that has the potential to do so much for you.

What is the Rhino 7 Platinum?

The Rhino 7 is a male enhancement product designed to last a full 7 days. This allows you to take it and keep going for the full week. If you’re tired of being bothered by remembering to take pills just as things get interesting, you no longer have to remember.

The pill is a sexual enhancer and will help with the time of your erection, the size of your erection, as well as your overall stamina. It’s just what you’ve been searching for – and no one needs to know you are taking it.

Why You Want It

Ultimately, you want to make sure you are getting it done in the bedroom. Sometimes, you need a little help. What’s great about the Rhino 7 is that it’s available over the counter, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of embarrassing conversation with your doctor. You simply order it, take it, and gain the confidence that you’re good to go for a full week.

The reality is that many men take male enhancement products. You don’t have to feel any less of a man by taking it. The only reason you don’t hear about it more is because no one wants to talk about it.

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Are You Secretly Into BDSM? Ready to give it a go?


Being into BDSM is becoming more and more mainstream, but it’s still not something you generally want to bring up at the water cooler. If you are secretly into BDSM  it might be a little tricky to bring it up even in an established relationship with a trusted partner. Whatever you do, do not suddenly spring your desires on your partner in the middle of a hot moment. You don’t want to be going about your normal vanilla foreplay, stop mid-stride and say, “Hey, honey, would you please, please bind me, gag me, and flog me?”

One of the basic tenants of “the lifestyle” is open and honest communications. This is the basis for all BDSM relationships. It helps if you can decide what it is you think you might be into before pursuing anything. Use your imagination to picture yourself in various situations. Do you feel like you are a natural submissive? A natural Domme/Dom?  Is it bondage or discipline, or, perhaps, both? Or are you into pain? Many people find just one narrow aspect of this broad spectrum appealing, and it is vital to your health and safety for you to have some understanding of what the categories are.

If you are serious about giving BDSM a go, look for a “Munch” in your area. Munches are informal gatherings for people to discuss various aspects of BDSM and usually take place at a restaurant.  There are a number of online groups that can help you find one, but be sure to only go to a group that is meeting openly and in public your first time. Alternately, some areas have private clubs that host “membership information” evenings. These can give you access to a variety of toys and people. Go slow, be informed, and have fun!

You Won’t Believe How Your Sex Life Changes in Your 30s

How your sex life changes in your 30s

Some people are anxious about turning 30 and all it entails. Families, jobs, and aging bodies are just a few concerns. Have you ever thought about How your sex life changes in your 30s?


In your twenties, you’re more likely to be concerned about what other people think of you, your body and your sexual interests, especially when you’re newly sexual. But once you hit thirty, you might find that you’re more accepting of yourself, less caring about others’ opinions and stop chasing after people who are too self-involved to care about you.

This leads to a more relaxed paced for many people who begin to focus on quality over quantity. Once you’re in your thirties, your hormones are no longer surging like they were the previous decade, so you can explore at your own pace rather than following hormonal cues that may have led to situations that weren’t really up your alley.

For men, this means a drop in testosterone, which previously drove them to have as much sex as possible. This may mean you reevaluate your sex life and identity, or it may prove reassuring.

Women especially find themselves seeking sex in their thirties because they want it. They’re less inhibited by what society tells them is weird and more likely to ask for what they want or need, especially when it comes to orgasm and pleasure (no more faking it). It’s no surprise there’s a stereotype about cougars, the women in their 30s or 40s who enjoy sex with younger men. For the first time in their lives, these women may finally be having sex for themselves and no one else!

Being sexually bold often goes hand in hand with confidence, and what’s sexier than that? There are men who even prefer a woman in her 30s because she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it, and we all know how important communication is to sex. There’s no reason to play coy when you’re stripping down.

For those of you in a committed relationship in your thirties, sex may have become routine. Everything from initiating to positions may be predictable. You might also have to make more time for sex because of life’s demands, something which some people struggle with.

Novelty and youth fade, and keeping interest might be a problem you’ve never faced before. Some couples find themselves drifting apart because of this, and your self-esteem can take a hit if you no longer feel desired.

Both of these things encourage people to explore more. Everything from sex toys to bondage to watching (or even making!) porn becomes something you can explore with your partner to break out of the routine and reconnect.

If you want it, sex in your thirties can be the best sex of your life (yet!).

5 ways to Enhance Your Sex Life After 50

For many, 50 is just the beginning. You don’t have to have boring sex just because of your age, and there are some fun ways to enhance your sex life, so hold on and get ready!


Embrace the Swing Lifestyle

The swing lifestyle is active across the globe, and many couples choose to get started after the age of 50. It’s a chance to have sex for recreation, and change partners from time to time, too.

Invest in Sex Furniture

Sex furniture is a great way to try out some new positions. If flexibility is an issue these days, some furniture will make it easier to lift up your hips or get in a thrust at a more challenging angle.

Break out the Porn

There’s nothing wrong with porn, and it is available if you’re playing solo or as a couple. Watch it to get things going – and there’s a video for every fetish. You might find that you’re more interested in one category over another, so bookmark it and make it your go-to mojo.

Ask for a Prescription

A prescription might be what’s needed to get things up. There are medications for men and women alike to address medical issues such as low libido and erectile dysfunction. Make an appointment with a doctor to find out if getting a pill will be what’s needed to give your sex life a boost.

Try Some Games

There are all sorts of sex games on the market. Buy a few of them to see how you can get things going. It might be a way to break the ice with your partner and even try a couple new things.


Product highlight: Callie a luxury vibe for mind-blowing orgasms


Jopen’s line of Callie vibrators combines sophisticated white silicone with golden touches. The result? Sex toys that are as pretty to look at as they are fun to use.


There are four sleek sex toys in the Callie line: a vibrating dual massager, a vibrating mini wand, the vibrating mini massager and a vibrating wand. Read on to learn more about each toy to choose the vibrator that’s best for you.

Callie Vibrating Dual Massager

The rabbit vibrator has finally moved into the 21st century with this luxury design. A clitoral nub and internal shaft (6 inches total) offer simultaneous stimulation. There are seven different functions, each with five speeds. Plus, you can take it into the shower or bath because it’s waterproof.

Calli Vibrating Mini Wand

This smaller vibrator is just 5 inches long. It works both for external stimulation (clitoris, nipples, etc) and internal stimulation if you’re not a size queen. There are seven functions that are controlled by an easy-to-use push button.  The sleek white design is highlighted by the golden base.


Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

This vibrator in the Callie line is a bullet vibrator, perfect for clitoral stimulation. However, it’s not your ordinary bullet! The remote is a sleek golden control that looks nothing like traditional controls. It has a push button, and it connects to the toy via wire. The length of the wire means you can comfortably use the toy solo or pass off the remote to your lover for more fun.

Callie Vibrating Wand

jopen3The larger version of the vibrating wand has an elegant, tapered design that makes it fun to use. It’s great for vaginal use; although, it’s not safe for anal penetration. In just two hours, it’ll be completely charged, and you can cycle through the seven settings. Like the other toys in this line, it’s waterproof and charges via USB cable, which is included.

Treat yourself to modern eroticism with a Callie a luxury vibe. None of these sex toys costs over $80, so you might even add two to your cart.