Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis


Let’s face it; the penis is any man’s favorite appendage, but how well do you really know your manhood?

Here are 6 things every man should know about his penis.

Don’t worry, it’s just cold

Most men know that when the temperature drops so does the size of their penis, but by how much? It can shrink up to 50% in length when exposed to temperatures under 60 degrees. Your penis is basically going into hibernation. Why does this happen? The blood vessels in your penis shut down causing the penis to lose its fullness. Once you’re exposed to warmer temperatures, your penis will return to its normal size and blood flow is restored.


Size of the boat or motion of the ocean

Have you ever thought, “Am I too small?” Most men might say they have, but not to worry. Did you know, the size of an average man’s erect penis is 5.2 inches long? So put that ruler away and start being proud of your penis.

Worried your size might affect your performance? Give vibrating rings a try. They give intense pleasure for both him and her and are even waterproof *wink wink*.

Morning Wood

If you wake up with an erection, congratulations, you have a healthy functioning penis. You actually get “morning wood” 3 to 5 times a night. This helps keep the penis soft/stretchy and keeps your erections from shortening.

The Sweet Spot

Most men know that the most sensitive area of the penis is the tip. More specifically, the “sweet spot” for the average man is right under the tip called the frenulum. For those uncircumcised fellows, you’ll get the most sensitivity from the foreskin.

Want to get the pleasure of flesh-to-flesh contact without using your hand? Try Fleshlight today and experience the stamina building sex toy for men.

It Can Break

The penis may not have any bones in it, but it can still be fractured. It’s caused by sex or even masturbation. If your penis is bent too far, the vessels found in the tissue of your erection can pop leaving you with a broken stiffy.

Cigarette vs. Penis

Not only is smoking bad for your health, it’s also bad for your penis. Smoking can shorten the size of your penis by at least 10 centimeters. Cigarettes can cause your blood vessels to calcify which can decrease erectile circulation.



How Do I Give A Guy A Good Hand Job?


If you’ve never done it before, certainly there’s some curiosity as to how to make it pleasurable for your partner, and that’s perfectly okay. So, if you’ve ever found yourself asking the question, “How do I give a guy a hand job?”, you’re not alone. There’s something of an art to doing it, and you’ve come to the right place for a few useful pieces of advice.

Being able to watch how a man handles himself when he masturbates is a good first indicator of how he would also want a partner to touch and handle him. Privacy being a huge factor that prevents one from seeing such an act, if you aren’t able to watch how your partner masturbates, do a bit of research from some of our popular porn movies to get an idea of how it’s done in terms of grip, speed, lube, and anything else which may be peaking your curiosity.

Keep in mind that a man’s genitals are very sensitive, and while you may have the best of intentions when giving a hand job, a lack of proper lubrication, tugging too hard, or a grip that’s simply too tight will result in more discomfort than pleasure. A quarter-sized dollop of water-based lubrication will aide in your hand’s ability to slide up and down the shaft of your partner’s penis without any painful friction. The idea is to provide the sensation of actual intercourse by using your hand alone.

man_Cheering-in-bed-000085305705_LargeThe underside of the penis tends to be the most sensitive, leading up to the underside of the head, being the most sensitive area of all. Every man is different in terms of their preference for how firm a grip is required to be pleasurable, and communication with your partner is key to discovering what they like best. Pay attention to your partner’s noises, movements, and anything they may say in order to gauge your grip and speed.

It’s always a good idea to start slowly and to pay attention to your partner’s reactions. Grip the penis as you would a microphone and slide your hand and fingers gently, yet firmly, up and down the length of the shaft and head, mimicking the motion of intercourse. Some men enjoy having their testicles cupped with your free hand, as well.

All in all, hand jobs are a fun way to explore your partner’s likes and dislikes, and there’s not much to it at the end of the day. Nerves are a common concern when doing it for the first time, but you can always contact us if you need more advice, and try to remember, practice makes perfect!

Get aquainted with our fetish best sellers, great for beginners and the more advanced!

Whether you are interested in experimenting with something new in the bedroom, or already seasoned in enjoying the world of intimate accessories, you will love becoming acquainted with the following six fetish best sellers!

1.  Fetish Fantasy Bondage Tape

Interested in trying a little restraint? Our Fetish Fantasy Black Bondage Tape is perfect for beginners who would like to enjoy the bondage experience without discomfort. This appealing, shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so users can enjoy restraining one another without risk of unsightly marks, discomfort peeling tape from the skin, or gummy residue.Fetishes-000019794349_Large

2.  Sex and Mischief Studded Xo Crop  

For those who enjoy a biting thrill, the Sex and Mischief studded Xo Crop is the perfect toy for intimate activities. Enjoy making your mark in the bedroom with this square crop with a studded O on one side, and a studded X on the opposite! Made of PVC, customers commented that this well-made piece “lasted for a while after hard use,” so feel free to play as gently or as rough as you’d like!

3. I Like it Doggie Style Strap

If you enjoy doggie style want to enhance your experience, the I Like it Doggie Style Strap is the perfect addition you are looking for. It’s comfortably padded design helps place you or your lover in the perfect position for pleasure!

4. Under the Bed Restraints

Turn any bed into new center of pleasure with the Under the Bed Restraints. This portable, travel-sized set includes four comfortable cuffs, and restraints that fit beneath the mattress or frame, perfect for use with any bed style! Enjoy the power of restraining your partner’s wrists and ankles, while maintaining comfort with these quality cuffs, gentle enough not to leave marks. Our customers love this product because of its easy to set up, and ease of use!

5. Sedeux Divine Diva Plus Size Harness

For the best in comfort and fit, the Sedeux Divine Diva Plus Size Harness is a favorite with our customers who say that unlike other harnesses, this one stands out due to its range of adjustability, and comment that it “feels soft to the touch and isn’t sticky like other harnesses”. The perfect blend of comfort and style, this harness looks, and feels spectacular when using your favorite dildos. This four-way adjustable harness fits up to an 82” waist and 44” legs.

6. Soft Cuffs- Black

These deliciously soft cuffs in black are the ultimate in durability, and comfort. Thick Velcro ensures the cuffs stay secure while in use, and the smooth lining on the inside gives the luxury of leaving no marks behind. A perfect accessory for any enticing ensemble!

Three’s Company: The Disco Triple Play from Evolved


Every once in a while we all feel like we need some more spice, not only in our romantic and personal relationships, but in our intimate relationships with our own bodies as well. Getting off is always nice no matter how we actually get to that point, and most of us probably have a tried and true method of achieving orgasm regularly, but sometimes we just need something more. Our hands get tired, a basic bullet vibrator becomes boring, and we secretly long for something just a little bit more stimulating to come around.

Introducing the Disco Triple Play from Evolved, here to rescue you from average, mediocre masturbation. If there’s something you want done to your nether regions, this game changer will do just about everything you could possibly need or want. Your new best friend is a 3-point vibrator that offers very specific attention to three of the most sensitive areas of the body, providing clitoris stimulation, penetration, G-Spot stimulation, and anal stimulation that adds up to an insane “trigasm” and a mind-blowing climax that’s sure to wake up even the most tired of personal playtime routines.


The Disco Triple Play is an entirely unique experience, allowing you to customize the vibration speeds and patterns all with the touch of one button, as well as selecting if you want one, two, or all three motors running at once depending on what you’re currently in the mood for. This toy is completely water proof and maintains full functioning abilities in and under water, so feel free to carry the fun to the bathtub or shower if you feel so inclined. Clean up is a breeze with warm water and Evolved toy cleaner, and you can easily recharge the device at any time with the provided USB cable. The Disco Triple Play is made of silicone and is completely latex and phthalate free, so you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive areas are safe from harm. It also boasts some enticing measurements and features, such as:

  • 8.75″ shaft length, 4.75″ insertable length, 1.75″ width, 5.5″ circumference
  • 2″ clitoral stimulator length
  • 3.25″ butt tickler insertable length, 0.75″ width
  • 8 powerful functions & vibrations
  • ABS plastic handle with chrome accent
  • Colored lights at base to indicate changes in speed and function

Don’t endure another day with boring, routine orgasms. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the attentions and stimulations of the Disco Triple Play from Evolved.

Train Your Body: Finish Fast, Climax Quick, and Expedite your Orgasm


Climaxing is the pinnacle of the sexual experience. Orgasms leave us with euphoria and satisfaction. The build up to the climax is often invigorating and arousing, but what happens when the climax needs to happen quickly? What happens when we only have a matter of minutes with our partners or by ourselves, and we want the anticipated completion? How do we create a fun, fast finish? Humans have the ability to train our bodies to climax faster. Here’s how:

Frisky Female Fulfillment:

Treat yourself! Seriously. Spend some time learning the pressure, friction, and areas that feel the best for you. When you know what arouses you and what sets you over the top, you will know how to climax faster. Whether with a partner or alone, you can use your new knowledge to make the finale fantastic.

Mentally Prepare! Many women are aroused mentally far before physical stimulation occurs. Spend some time prepping yourself. Excite yourself by thinking about the carnal activities that spike your heart rate, run through steamy scenarios in your mind, and remember how the physical touch effects your body.


Increase stimulation! There are many reasons why Romantix products stimulate multiple erogenous zones. Find a position to maximize the impact on your clitoris and focus on stimulating multiple areas at once. The more you and/or your partner explore at once, the faster you will ascend to satisfaction.

Maximum Mirth for Men:

Get in your groove! Everyone is different, so each of our preferences are unique. Some people enjoy slow, sensual experiences. Some people enjoy the act hard and fast. Regardless of your preference, learn the friction, position, and speed that invigorates you. Whether with a partner or solo, find your rhythm and climax with when you see fit.

Mind over matter! The mentality of an orgasm is not just a myth about females. Men experience insecurities, doubt, and anxiety, too. All of those negative emotions will build up and cause a mental block, which delays climax. Relax, clear your mind, and focus on the physical sensations.

Squeeze your glutes! While thrusting, clenching your glutes together creates pressure and automatic focus of sensation toward your penis. The more positive sensation, the closer to payoff. If you are with your partner or with yourself, play up your sense and explore multiple movements at once.

For more information, ideas, tricks, tips, and products for exciting experiences, contact us.

LGBTQIA – Let’s talk about the I. Intersex: What does it mean?

DroptrowLGBTQIA… Today’s society is all about inclusivity and acceptance. Since the first step toward acceptance is understanding, let’s talk about the I in that acronym. The I stands for intersex – a commonly misunderstood gender identity.

Intersex is actually biological in nature. Sometimes babies are born with ambiguous gender traits, a “mix-and-match” of body parts – for example, an otherwise female-looking baby with an abnormally large penis-like clitoris, or a baby with both a penis and a set of ovaries. Intersex can also result from the deviation from the typical XX and XY chromosome pairs. Sometimes during conception an extra chromosome sneaks in and the result is either XXY or XXX. The extra chromosome results in hormonal changes that might lead an individual to present as a gender different from what their sex organs are.

You might think this identity is rare, but it’s actually quite common. In fact, about 1 in 200 people are intersex – the same amount of the population that are redheads! Being intersex is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Realizing how common intersex is just highlights the fact that our binary “male or female” classification system is sorely outdated. Accepting intersex as a valid gender identity is a big step toward empowering our non-binary friends and family to be who they are. And always remember, even if someone appears to be one gender, it’s important to always ask for preferred pronouns. This creates an inclusive atmosphere and allows LGBTQIA people to seen and respected.

Want more information about intersex, gender identity, or anything else? Contact us! We love hearing from you.

Product feature: What the Panty Teaser Can Do for You


It’s a whole lot of fun to be naughty from time to time. The panty teaser is a great toy to add to your collection that’s fun for solo play as well as for couples. It’s a simple-to-use device and one you will be glad you have.

It’s Discreet

The Panty Teaser is discreet, which allows you to slip it into your panties and into place. With over a 30 foot range, you then hand the remote over to your partner and let them surprise you with bursts of vibrations. This is sure to send you over the edge into a blissful moment.

The remote is curved to fit the contours of your hand. This allows you to hold onto it for your own good time as well.

It Stays in Place


There’s nothing worse than vibrating panties that won’t stay in place. Just as it starts to feel good, there’s a shift and it’s lost. With the Panty Teaser, that’s not going to happen. There’s a Lock-n-Play feature that uses a magnetic lock to keep it right where you want it. It allows you to go out on the town and have the time of your life – quite literally if your partner decides to use the remote when you least expect it.

You need to add some excitement to your life as well as some anticipation. The Panty Teaser achieves that in the sexiest way possible. 12 functions will ensure there’s a vibration pattern that works for you to ensure the greatest pleasure.