Keys to Making your Open Relationship a Success

Gay men in open relationships: What works

                Open relationships can be incredibly rewarding; after all, you get to play the field and experience new people, all with the permission of your partner. That being said, an open relationship takes a little bit of extra work to make sure there are no hurt feelings while you are out with another person. These tips will allow for smooth sailing while you navigate an open relationship with your partner.



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When your loved one is gay: why “we all knew!” is the worst thing to say when somebody comes out

Why “we all knew!” is the worst thing to say when somebody comes out

There are tons of blog posts about how to come out to your loved ones if you’ve realized you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or even pansexual. But what if you’re the person on the other end? How do you react? Do you just say “We all knew!” in response? Absolutely not! Read on to learn why this is a mistake.


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Must Read: Important information about STI

Important information about STI

Think you know everything about STIs? Keep reading to test your knowledge.

You can get an STI even if you don’t have sex.

Although the exchange of bodily fluids through sex is a surefire way to get — or give — most STIs, it’s not the only way. Herpes can spread from mouth to genitals (or back) via oral sex while viruses such as HPV can spread through skin-to-skin contact. In fact, using a condom may not be enough to prevent the spread of HPV.

Condoms do prevent transmission of many STIs, however, and you can find them for sale on our site.


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Women and Orgasms: Only 1 out of 3 women can orgasm from receiving vaginal penetration alone. You’re not broken.

Woman and orgasms is often a subject of humor in movies, television shows, books and amongst friends. The typical presented scenario being that the man experiences the excitement and pleasure of a full-blown orgasm, while the woman remains disappointed, disillusioned, and frustrated, trying desperately not to show her dissatisfaction. Of course, there is a reason this is subject matter is common in entertainment and even casual conversation with pals. Women appear unsatisfied after vaginal intercourse because, well, many are! Woman’s Day magazine reports, “according to Planned Parenthood statistics…as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone”. Of course, this doesn’t seem like very uplifting news for men hoping to give their partners orgasms during sex, or for women wishing to achieve them, but there is good news. There may be a simple reason behind this statistic that in turn reveals a way of attaining climax during vaginal intercourse for those who aren’t finding orgasms coming easy (no pun intended)!


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Buying Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy!

How to buy lingerie for your body type

The most important thing to know about picking out lingerie is to pick something that suits your personality and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

If you are wondering what turns your guy on, just ask. Don’t be surprised if you ask him what kind of lingerie he would like to see you in and he says “I like you with nothing on.” He is sincere, in case you’re wondering. If you get that kind of response, pick something out for yourself and let him do the honors of taking it off. Then you’re both happy!

Many men have preferences though. A survey in College magazine asked men from different colleges all over the U.S. what their preferences were.

The results are in!

– Black

Over half (63%) like it best with red a distant second. Our Teddies will make him do a double take.

– Extras

Guys number one pick for accessories are stiletto heels. “Heels are hot as f—k,” Bobby Ceurvels, a senior from Westfield State University, said. “Heels add so much, girls don’t even realize.”

– Lace and Satin

A classic, lace came in as the number one fabric (60%) for lingerie and it was the second choice of 30% more. Sheer and satin tied for second so you really can’t go wrong with either as far as guys are concerned. Leather surprisingly finished last across the board in surveys, with some participants calling it “too advanced.”

– Simplicity

Guys voted for simple rather than detailed lingerie. They also want it uncomplicated so it isn’t confusing to take off.

– Seductive

You may feel a bit silly if you are more shy or laid back but a full 80% of guys said they preferred “seductive” lingerie. Seductive is in the eye of the beholder but it is interesting to note that leather fabric came in dead last for over 60% of participants, and less than 5% selected animal print as their first color/pattern choice.

– Bare

Not surprisingly, nearly 90% of guys reported that less coverage is always better.

So it is fun to see what they like but, most of all, it is what you like. Some women like a little more coverage so here are a few. Try this high slit gown and g-string for a stunning, seductive look or this fun slashed seamless mini dress. This robe won’t keep you warm but as you slip it off it will make him hot!

Oh, and dressing up in costumes came in a very distant last on all the surveys so being yourself is the key. Wear what makes you feel genuine and confident because confidence is the sexiest thing of all!

Are You Secretly Into BDSM? Ready to give it a go?

Are You Secretly Into BDSM?

Being into BDSM is becoming more and more mainstream, but it’s still not something you generally want to bring up at the water cooler. If you are secretly into BDSM  it might be a little tricky to bring it up even in an established relationship with a trusted partner. Whatever you do, do not suddenly spring your desires on your partner in the middle of a hot moment. You don’t want to be going about your normal vanilla foreplay, stop mid-stride and say, “Hey, honey, would you please, please bind me, gag me, and flog me?”

One of the basic tenants of “the lifestyle” is open and honest communications. This is the basis for all BDSM relationships. It helps if you can decide what it is you think you might be into before pursuing anything. Use your imagination to picture yourself in various situations. Do you feel like you are a natural submissive? A natural Domme/Dom?  Is it bondage or discipline, or, perhaps, both? Or are you into pain? Many people find just one narrow aspect of this broad spectrum appealing, and it is vital to your health and safety for you to have some understanding of what the categories are.

If you are serious about giving BDSM a go, look for a “Munch” in your area. Munches are informal gatherings for people to discuss various aspects of BDSM and usually take place at a restaurant.  There are a number of online groups that can help you find one, but be sure to only go to a group that is meeting openly and in public your first time. Alternately, some areas have private clubs that host “membership information” evenings. These can give you access to a variety of toys and people. Go slow, be informed, and have fun!

Thinking Outside Her Box: 8 Super, Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women 8 Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women

Thinking Outside Her Box: 8 Super, Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women
8 Hot Sex Tips for Women to Use on Women

So things have gotten a little “ho-hum” in the bedroom. Maybe you are still new to the girl on girl world? There are only so many ways that a woman can please a woman, right?  Fingers and tongues are great, but fingering her can be a bit monotonous, for both of you.  Sure there is always the old trusty dildo, and there are some amazing ones on the market. But they have a tendency to be a bit one-sided in the pleasure department. To fully ensure you both have a fabulous time,   try these


1. Think Outside Her Box

The biggest mistake one can make, is the idea that lesbian sex is all about the       pussy. Sex involves the whole body, but it begins in the mind. Lightly caress and     massage her scalp. Make your way down the nape of her neck. Lightly stroke         her shoulders, and massage all the way down to her fingers. Massage each             finger, softly and slowly pulling them one by one. Spend the largest amount of       time on her hands. After all, she will be needing them later.

2. Flip the Script

Turn her over on to her belly. Straddle her soft, luscious ass, while you bend           forward and softly kiss her neck and shoulders. This position allows you a little       pleasure as well. Your pussy will be begging for more as it glides across her ass.     But don’t lose sight of your objective. Keep kissing her shoulders all the way           down her back. Once you reach the center of the back, focus your attention           here. Kiss under each shoulder-blade and back to the center, feel free to use           your tongue if it feels good. Then make your way down her back, slowly. Once       you get to the small of the back, start again. Make sure you cover each side and     the middle, maybe this time adding in a little nibble here and there.

3. Keep Abreast of the Situation

Don’t forget about one of the most important sexual pleasures. As she lay on         her back, and you lay over her naked body, let your nipples do the work. Kissing     her, stroking her and allowing your nipples to tease hers. Let your nipples gently     stroke her breasts. Once your nipples meet it will be an erotic explosion of             excitement. Eventually, you are drawn together, pressing your breasts                   against hers, driving you both crazy.

4. The Thigh Massage

Spread her legs firmly apart. A little, light bondage can be a plus here. With her     legs spread apart, take both hands and place them on the upper thighs, just           under the pelvic crease. Firmly massage both thighs, keeping the thumbs on the     inside of the thigh. While massaging the thighs, your thumbs move in a circular     motion, coming just to the outside of her now purring kitty. Do not make               penetration, yet.

5. Let Your Pussies Play with a Foot Massage

While she is laying on her back, make your way down to her foot. Start massaging her foot firmly. Start making your way up her calf. When you are doing this, slide one of your legs under the leg you are massaging, while sliding your opposite leg over her other leg. Keep massaging as you slide your pussies closer together. Once your kitty is petting hers, lightly grinding bring your hands back to her thigh. Massaging her inner thigh until she purrs!

6. Let your Fingers Do the Talking

She can’t take anymore, she needs you inside her NOW! She’s begging for             mercy. But you aren’t ready to submit. With one hand, slide the lips apart,             exposing the plump, more than ready clit. Gently blow very lightly over the clit.     Lick one finger, and gently trace the outside of the lips. Keep the finger wet as       you gently tease her pussy. Trace the lips, the outside, the inside, but never           penetrating. Make her beg for more.

7. Don’t Forget Your ABC’s

It’s time to practice your alphabet. Her lips are spread, the clit is ready, it’s time     to get to work. Lightly using ONLY THE TIP of your tongue. Slowly make a               cursive capital A. Then a cursive capital B and so on……go slow enough and she     will reach the capital O before you do.

8. Never Let Her Forget How Sexy She Is to You.

This is the most important tip. If she feels like a sexual goddess, she will behave     like a sexual goddess!