In The Rim Job Market? Inquire Within

Product highlight: XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool

Anal Play seems to fall into two categories; either a person loves it, or they do not like it at all. Very few have a tepid attitude about it. It is also one of the most difficult kinks to satisfy when flying solo. There are plugs, vibrators, dildos, but they don’t totally deliver the sensation of mouth to anus. That is where the XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool comes into play- anal play, that is. Its realistically sculpted tongue and lips made from silicone recreate the feel of a real mouth. Unlike a real mouth, though, this toy is powered by battery pack and comes with 10 vibrating functions for nonstop pleasure. There’s no need to worry about anyone running out of breath… except the user, of course. And while the product is aimed toward anal play, that doesn’t mean it can’t pull double duty. Since the silicone is so expertly crafted to be as realistic as possible, this can be used for clitoral stimulation as well as anal.


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Product highlight: Jimmyjane Lounge Rumble Sea Vibrating Pleasure Ride

When you think of sex toys that you can mount, your mind probably goes to machines that look like saddles with thrusting dildos attached. Very few companies make these machines, so this standard design has dominated the market for a while. A few other companies have tried to break in. A few years ago, California Exotics came out with the iRide, for example, but it didn’t do well. Enter Jimmjane, a company that is known for luxury vibrators such as the Form 6, with a new take on this old toy.


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Why Everyone Should Learn More About Open Relationships

Why open relationships are growing in popularity

Open relationships have been getting more attention than ever, but many people still don’t know much about them. There are plenty of concerns about consensual non-monogamy, and the people who engage in it, as well as some unnecessary hype. (No, it’s not a magic solution for boredom or cheating.) This may come as a surprise, but many of the best aspects of open relationships can also improve monogamous ones, so it’s definitely worth the time to learn a little more about them. Here are some of the great aspects of open relationships that might improve any other type of relationship:


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What’s Hybrid Lube and Why do You Need It?

Why hybrid lube


We all try our best to be educated consumers, and bedroom products are no exception. When shopping for your next bottle of lube, it’s important to look for something that will not only feel silky smooth and amazing, but also keep you safe. Many lubricant types are linked with increased risk of UTIs, and some are known for degrading condoms.

Let’s discuss the different types of personal lubricants available, and how the hybrid lube outdoes them all.

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