10 Crazy And Bizarre Things You NEVER Knew About The Male Orgasm

Orgasms are great! What more can one say? Have you ever stopped to think about the science behind them, though? There’s more to it than you think! Here are 10 crazy, bizarre things you NEVER knew about the male orgasm!

1. Men can orgasm without ejaculating

That’s right. And no, it doesn’t mean you’re faking it; although some men admit to having faked it just to be done and go to sleep. Having an orgasm is a rhythmic muscular contraction in the pelvic region that releases sexual tension while ejaculation is the result of physical stimulation. Most men experience them simultaneously, but some men report separate occurrences.

2. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no–it’s super sperm!

We knew these little guys were strong swimmers, but did you know that an ejaculation can outpace the fastest runner in the world? Olympian Usain Bolt’s quickest speed is 27.79mph, whereas sperm tops out at an amazing 28 mph!

3. More? Yes, please!

Women aren’t the only ones who can have multiple orgasms. An estimated 15-20% of men report having the rare ability to achieve multiples, but admit that it requires practice.

4. Headaches are no longer an excuse

Several studies have shown that orgasms flood the brain with endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, which can also kill migraines.

5. Shorter orgasms

As opposed to women, whose climaxes can last upwards of 30 seconds, men’s orgasms last on average between 5 and 20 seconds.

6. Better with a partner

While we all enjoy a good solo session, studies have shown that orgasms during sex are better. According to a 2006 study, men release four hundred times more prolactin during a good old-fashioned roll in the hay.

7. Men have G-spots, too!

The frenulum, which is the tissue that connects the shaft to the head of the penis, and the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and the anus are just two of them. If you’re looking to hit the jackpot, however, the prostate is the way to go. Carefully slide a finger into the rectum and feel along the abdominal wall for a walnut-sized gland. Gently massage with moderate pressure for the best effect.

8. There is a point of no return

No, not the Bridget Fonda and Gabriel Byrne movie from the early 90’s. (Although that was a great flick) Men have a point where orgasm is unavoidable. Known as ejaculatory inevitability, a term coined by research team Masters and Johnson, this is one hundred percent unique to men.

9. Take your vitamins!

Male ejaculate contains protein, zinc, potassium, calcium and chlorine. It’s also great for dabbing on that blemish that doesn’t want to go away.

10. Seven minutes to Heaven

While so few will ever admit it, most men are seven-minute-men. Many can climax after as little as two minutes, but on average, upon penetration, seven minutes is the magic number.

So guys, you’ve got seven minutes to go find a partner, show them all your G-spots and take your vitamins to charge up for extra rounds because it’s gonna come on fast and it won’t last long; so perhaps you could accomplish this faster than the Energizer Bunny. It’s definitely worth a protein packed shot! Ready, aaaaaaaaand….GO!

Why Every Man With A Penis Should Own A Portable Vagina or Ass (SERIOUSLY!) It’s Just that Good

Why Every Man With A Penis Should Own A Portable Vagina or ass (SERIOUSLY!)

Whether you’re a man or you’re with a man, you may have never thought about owning a stroker or even know what that is. But this fun little sex tool can not only spice up your love life, but even improve it! We truly mean this: every man with a penis should own a portable vagina or ass (SERIOUSLY!) They’re just that good.

What is a Stroker?

A stroker is used for masturbation. Some even replicate the anatomy of a woman, whether it be her vagina, her ass, or her mouth. They offer beads, ribbing, and even suction. These fun gadgets offer a great way to feeling like you are actually with a woman, even when you’re not. In fact, the stroker is so sophisticated that you can find models that replicate real women in the porn industry. Ever want to sleep with a porn star? Now you can, anytime you want.

Why Do You Need One?

So why should you have one? Maybe things with your partner are getting a little stale, so you could add it to your sex life and get the feeling of a threesome without actually involving another woman. This is an especially great option if your partner is hesitant about including another woman in the bedroom.

Maybe you’re interested in anal, and she simply isn’t. In that case, you can get a lifelike experience anytime you want. Or perhaps you’re one the road A LOT for work, in which case a portable vagina or ass will let you release your sexual tension and frustrations whenever you want. That way, if you find yourself looking for the company of a woman, you can stay on the straight and narrow instead of making a bad decision. These gadgets quite compact, so they can easily travel with you.

So if you’re interested in an erotic addition to your life, you need to get yourself or your man a stroker. The benefits for your love life are undeniable.

Living With a Huge Penis: His or Your Own

Look around, and you are bound to come across numerous advice columns devoted to various ways a man can feel confident with a smaller than average penis. A dearth of info is to be found, however, about living with a huge penis.

How big is too big?

Scientific sexologists tell us that the average size of an erect human penis is up to six and one half inches long and around four to five inches in circumference, or ‘girth’ at the base of the shaft.

A super-generous phallus may be seven, eight or even nine inches long with a girth of six or more inches. This may sound like a wonderful thing, (and it can be) but the fact is that sporting that much magnificent manhood can be a bit of a challenge, especially where lovemaking is concerned.

When he’s extra big, foreplay is imperative

A fellow with more than a little something extra is wise to provide plenty of stimulation to his partner well before attempting penetration. Flirting and foreplay go a long way toward preparing a lover to accept a sizeable phallus into an intimate orifice.

A fully aroused vagina that is wet and eager can accommodate a good deal more than you might imagine. If your lover is male, a super slippery lube like JO Hybrid personal lubricant will do you both a very special favor. In either case, go ahead and share an erotic foreplay session with your special someone before you even think about insertion. Your patience is sure to pay off.

High-intensity bullet vibrators and anal plugs in graduated sizes can be used to stimulate your partner to the point where he or she is practically demanding to be filled with every inch you are willing (and oh-so able) to provide. When you or your partner is very well endowed, a bit of advance planning is well worth the effort for both of you.

Browse around Romantix awhile to find a nice selection of sexy lubes, erotic toys and other adult goodies.

Eggs & Bullets – Good Vibrations In A Small Size

Vibrating Eggs & Bullets are some of the most popular toys out there today. Ladies, you may have heard your girlfriends talk about theirs, and guys, your lady may be interested in using one. Perhaps, you are shopping for one yourself? The reason for their popularity is that they combine everything you love about a full-sized vibrator with a discreet, versatile size for anyone and everyone.

Bullets are powerful pocket-sized vibrators with controls for modulating the speed of the vibrations. They can be slim or thick. Eggs are basically egg-shaped bullets. An external remote control means you can customize your pleasure, or hand the remote to your partner and let them have control. Start off with just a tickle, and when you’re ready you can turn it to high and ride the  waves. Wireless versions are fun when you’d rather be discreet, allowing you to take your pleasure… anywhere.

The small size of these toys mean you can use them to stimulate anything you want — nipples, clitoris, internal or external, and anything else you can think of. Clitoral stimulation is by far the most popular, but don’t let that limit your creativity. They can be used alone or combined with many other toys for an experience sure to blow your mind. There are even dual bullets for stimulating two places at once. Some bullets and eggs even have ticklers and flickers! Smooth, ribbed, pulsating, vibrating, alone or together — there are so many ways to enjoy them. Our small toys create big pleasure, so choose from our wide selection and enjoy!

Get out! – Spicing up Your Sex Life by Taking Things out of the Bedroom

It’s Friday night and you have both finished with your work for the week. When it comes time for bed, you both head to the bedroom and maybe you fall into your regular Thursday night sex routine, or maybe you both roll over and fall asleep. It is the same old sex in the same old space and somehow, it just doesn’t feel special anymore. It doesn’t always mean your relationship is fading, that lack of a special sexual connection might just mean you need to take things elsewhere. The bedroom is a popular spot for a romp, for obvious reasons, but for those who dare to take things outside of the bedroom a wide world of hot sex can await.

Go to Another Room

One of the best first steps to crawling out of your sexual rut is to try your seduction in another room of the house. It could be in the kitchen, passionately lifting your lover up and propping them on a counter-top. It could be in the shower, each of you covered in a thick blanket of steam and hot water, touching and nibbling on all the right spots. It can even be on the couch!

Get a Room

Why just go to your bedroom when you could get a bedroom somewhere else. Remove yourself from your usual sheets and hop into new ones in a hotel room. You don’t even have to leave town, either. Hotel rooms provide something of a blank slate where you can let your kink run wild with your lover.

Warm Up Over the Phone

Can’t afford to get out of the house? You don’t need to. Give your lover call when they are on their way home from work and let them know how hot you are for them. Phone sex isn’t just reserved for those with a long distance between them; it can have your lover ready to go when they walk in the door.

Take to the Slopes

A ski trip may come with cozy roaring fires and romantic lodge rooms, but there are other ways to warm up those frigid slopes. Try a gondola ride for just the two of you. You may need to spend a little time fumbling with your skis to assure that it is just the two of you, but you’ll be sure to get hot while going up.

Drive-In and Park Out

Drive-in movie theaters are not as prevalent as they used to be, but they are still around. Find one and head to the late show. Park in the back and who knows what might happen. Think that someone might see you? Well, that makes it all the more exciting, but let’s just say that those parking in the back at the late show probably aren’t there to watch the movie either.

Get Outdoors

Between roasting marshmallows and having a few drinks, there is not much to do at night while camping. That opens up a number of exciting opportunities that will make the great outdoors blush. You don’t even need to leave your home either, try a romantic camping trip in your backyard on a seasonable night.