Lez Keep It Exciting – 10 Ways to Spice Up Lesbian Sex

Like a corporate job and a coffee shop with one kind of grind, sex can become boring when you are just doing the same thing over and over again. However, your sex life should be the last thing in life to get stale. Everyone wants to have an exciting sex life, and if you are getting bored, your girlfriend probably is too. Instead of letting things flounder, why not try these 10 hot tips to bring the spice back to your lesbian sex life.

Cancel your Routine

Do you have sad planned sex scheduled out every Friday night? That’s just depressing. Instead of snuggling up to your routine, make your partner wait. Of course, don’t ignore them completely. Tease them throughout the week and soon they will not be able to resist the temptation.

Have Sex for Breakfast

Have a big ol’ bowl of sex for breakfast, and reap the rewards all day long. Not only will both you and your partner get treated to an instant energy boost, but no alarm clock compares to an orgasm.

Bring a New Toy into the Mix

Toys are the bread and butter of lesbian sex, but using the same ones over and over again gets boring. With all that fancy new vibrator technology and countless weird new toy creations out there, it is always worth a look into something new for the bedroom.

Get a Manual

It is nothing to be embarrassed about, up until recently there wasn’t a lot of information on the finer points of lesbian sex. We just had to learn by doing. However, a little bit of education into how the body of you and your lover function can never hurt. Lesbian sex manuals are popping up everywhere these days and have some great tricks.

Try a New Position

There are hundreds of positions out there for lesbian couples. Why not try some? Don’t cop out after a few minutes either, mastering a new position takes time to allow your bodies to get used to it.

Have Sex Somewhere New

It doesn’t have to be in a dressing room at Macy’s or in the elevator at work, but a change of scenery can do wonders for sex. It can even be as small as moving from your bed to the couch.

Try Porn

Who cares if all those over-the-top orgasms are really fake? All that moaning in porn has a physical effect on anyone in the room without a doubt, and it can showcase some fun new ideas to implement into your own sex life.

Take Her to the Edge

Edging can produce some absolutely mind-blowing orgasms. If your partner’s pleasure is your pleasure, tie her up (with her permission, of course) and take her right up to the edge of orgasm for as long as you can. When the big moment comes, it will be like the planet is shivering.

Don’t Be Afraid

You will never find the spice and adventure in your sex life that you desire by being closed to new ideas. Embrace your partner’s inner freak; you will have a lot of fun.


As in emotional relationships, communication is key for the physical part too. What do you want? What does your partner want? You both should know.

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