Real sex habits of happy couples — keeping the heat in your relationship

A fulfilling sex life is one of the cornerstones of a strong relationship. It fosters feelings of affection which help solidify the love and trust that two people share. The very act of sex is undeniably intimate and it is that very intimacy that makes it so special. Sex creates a bond between two people that genuinely fosters feelings of happiness and overall satisfaction.

Real sex habits of happy couples <>  are not exotic, extreme, over-the-top or weird. They are actually relatively easy to accomplish year after year and based on the entire outlook of ‘just have fun with each other and everything else falls into place naturally.’

Here are a few secrets to keep the heat in your relationship.

1 — Make time for sex.

In today’s modern world, everyone is rushed.  We rush to work, rush to get the kids to school, rush to cook dinner and even rush to get to bed at an early hour to get enough sleep. With such a fast pace, couples sometimes don’t make time for sex. Every time you and your partner have sex, it builds feelings of intimacy, love and sharing. Take the time to have sex and never let it become a chore. Sex should be a recreational hobby that you and your partner enjoy and look forward to together.

2– Accept imperfect sex.

Face it, sex isn’t perfect every single time and that’s okay. Accept imperfect sex with your partner and know that the next time you have sex together it will be better. Sex isn’t perfect every single time.

3 — Experiment and Share

As the years pass, you and your partner should have a solid, trust-filled relationship. You shouldn’t be shy with your partner. Be honest about your fantasies. Experiment with sex toys, try masturbation together, have sex in odd places, talk dirty, or pick up a copy of the Kamasutra and challenge each other to try every position listed. Remember that sex is about having fun, experimenting and sharing your deepest desires with the person you love.

4 — Frequency doesn’t really matter.

Some couples get mired down in the question of frequency. They start to worry that they are not having enough sex when compared to other couples. Just remember that if you and your partner are happy with your sex life, than the frequency of how often other couples have sex doesn’t matter.

5 — Never forget foreplay.

Remember that sex is about more than just the act of penetration and orgasm, it’s also about foreplay. Foreplay can span the entire day with lots of touching, kissing, hand holding and intimate gazing. You can then climb between the sheets and really let things get heated up.

A full and rewarding sex life will ultimately strengthen your bond as a couple. The happiest couples never lose sight of the importance of sex in their relationship.

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