Get out! – Spicing up Your Sex Life by Taking Things out of the Bedroom

It’s Friday night and you have both finished with your work for the week. When it comes time for bed, you both head to the bedroom and maybe you fall into your regular Thursday night sex routine, or maybe you both roll over and fall asleep. It is the same old sex in the same old space and somehow, it just doesn’t feel special anymore. It doesn’t always mean your relationship is fading, that lack of a special sexual connection might just mean you need to take things elsewhere. The bedroom is a popular spot for a romp, for obvious reasons, but for those who dare to take things outside of the bedroom a wide world of hot sex can await.

Go to Another Room

One of the best first steps to crawling out of your sexual rut is to try your seduction in another room of the house. It could be in the kitchen, passionately lifting your lover up and propping them on a counter-top. It could be in the shower, each of you covered in a thick blanket of steam and hot water, touching and nibbling on all the right spots. It can even be on the couch!

Get a Room

Why just go to your bedroom when you could get a bedroom somewhere else. Remove yourself from your usual sheets and hop into new ones in a hotel room. You don’t even have to leave town, either. Hotel rooms provide something of a blank slate where you can let your kink run wild with your lover.

Warm Up Over the Phone

Can’t afford to get out of the house? You don’t need to. Give your lover call when they are on their way home from work and let them know how hot you are for them. Phone sex isn’t just reserved for those with a long distance between them; it can have your lover ready to go when they walk in the door.

Take to the Slopes

A ski trip may come with cozy roaring fires and romantic lodge rooms, but there are other ways to warm up those frigid slopes. Try a gondola ride for just the two of you. You may need to spend a little time fumbling with your skis to assure that it is just the two of you, but you’ll be sure to get hot while going up.

Drive-In and Park Out

Drive-in movie theaters are not as prevalent as they used to be, but they are still around. Find one and head to the late show. Park in the back and who knows what might happen. Think that someone might see you? Well, that makes it all the more exciting, but let’s just say that those parking in the back at the late show probably aren’t there to watch the movie either.

Get Outdoors

Between roasting marshmallows and having a few drinks, there is not much to do at night while camping. That opens up a number of exciting opportunities that will make the great outdoors blush. You don’t even need to leave your home either, try a romantic camping trip in your backyard on a seasonable night.


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