Eggs & Bullets – Good Vibrations In A Small Size

Vibrating Eggs & Bullets are some of the most popular toys out there today. Ladies, you may have heard your girlfriends talk about theirs, and guys, your lady may be interested in using one. Perhaps, you are shopping for one yourself? The reason for their popularity is that they combine everything you love about a full-sized vibrator with a discreet, versatile size for anyone and everyone.

Bullets are powerful pocket-sized vibrators with controls for modulating the speed of the vibrations. They can be slim or thick. Eggs are basically egg-shaped bullets. An external remote control means you can customize your pleasure, or hand the remote to your partner and let them have control. Start off with just a tickle, and when you’re ready you can turn it to high and ride the  waves. Wireless versions are fun when you’d rather be discreet, allowing you to take your pleasure… anywhere.

The small size of these toys mean you can use them to stimulate anything you want — nipples, clitoris, internal or external, and anything else you can think of. Clitoral stimulation is by far the most popular, but don’t let that limit your creativity. They can be used alone or combined with many other toys for an experience sure to blow your mind. There are even dual bullets for stimulating two places at once. Some bullets and eggs even have ticklers and flickers! Smooth, ribbed, pulsating, vibrating, alone or together — there are so many ways to enjoy them. Our small toys create big pleasure, so choose from our wide selection and enjoy!

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