Living With a Huge Penis: His or Your Own

Look around, and you are bound to come across numerous advice columns devoted to various ways a man can feel confident with a smaller than average penis. A dearth of info is to be found, however, about living with a huge penis.

How big is too big?

Scientific sexologists tell us that the average size of an erect human penis is up to six and one half inches long and around four to five inches in circumference, or ‘girth’ at the base of the shaft.

A super-generous phallus may be seven, eight or even nine inches long with a girth of six or more inches. This may sound like a wonderful thing, (and it can be) but the fact is that sporting that much magnificent manhood can be a bit of a challenge, especially where lovemaking is concerned.

When he’s extra big, foreplay is imperative

A fellow with more than a little something extra is wise to provide plenty of stimulation to his partner well before attempting penetration. Flirting and foreplay go a long way toward preparing a lover to accept a sizeable phallus into an intimate orifice.

A fully aroused vagina that is wet and eager can accommodate a good deal more than you might imagine. If your lover is male, a super slippery lube like JO Hybrid personal lubricant will do you both a very special favor. In either case, go ahead and share an erotic foreplay session with your special someone before you even think about insertion. Your patience is sure to pay off.

High-intensity bullet vibrators and anal plugs in graduated sizes can be used to stimulate your partner to the point where he or she is practically demanding to be filled with every inch you are willing (and oh-so able) to provide. When you or your partner is very well endowed, a bit of advance planning is well worth the effort for both of you.

Browse around Romantix awhile to find a nice selection of sexy lubes, erotic toys and other adult goodies.

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