10 Ways to Have Tons More Fun with Masturbation

May is Masturbation Month, so why not make these 31 days your own personal “me-time” extravaganza? After all, masturbation is healthy, makes you feel absolutely great and gives you total autonomy over what you do and when you do it.

Like anything in life, we can start to masturbate by rote, turning it into a routine, and while the point of flickin’ the bean or slapping the salami is that awesome (and relieving) release, if you’re not enjoying every sweet second in the build-up it could be time for a masturbation mentality reboot.

Need some ideas? Here are 10 ways to have more fun with masturbation, many of which cost you nothing and help you feel everything.

1. Wear something different

Dress-up isn’t just for sex. If you’re normally reaching inside your cotton PJs, try clothing with a variety of textures. Feel some satin, silk, lace or even something coarse against your skin.

2. Wear nada!

Strip it all off and lay yourself bare to whatever temperature the room might be. Feeling a little daring? Do it naked next to an open window on a sweetly breezy day.

3. Grab a partner — 

And do see each other do! Let go of your inhibitions and try mutual masturbation. Side-by-side, facing one another, via webcam (for you long-distance lovers)…no squares dancing here!

4. Lube up

Surprisingly for women, using saliva can actually cause yeast infections; all the more reason everyone should try some glide-happy lube next time they get intimate with themselves.

5. Bring out the toys

Bless the Internet. Discreet shopping and shipping means a fuller toy chest for all. Enjoy those revelatory new sensations, orgasms with mind-blowing intensity…and giving your tired hands a rest, too.

6. Switch up your location…

Most of us head to the bedroom for self-stimulation, but what about your living room? Your dining room? The shower? In front of your full-length mirror? Your car? Somewhere private and secluded outdoors? Can you get away with it at work?

7. …and your position.

Do you normally lie down? Try it kneeling. Do you like to sit? See what it’s like on all fours!

8. Make a booty call

Emphasis on the call part. Make a date with some good old-fashioned dirty-talking phone sex. When you’re focused solely on the sound of another voice, those breathy gasps can be even more scintillating than any visual.

9. Get a little anal

Men and women both can appreciate anal stimulation, and it adds a whole other dimension to your naughty bits’ sensations. If you’re a novice, try starting with small, beginner butt plugs and plenty of lube.

10. Find ‘other’ uses for common household items

Your removable shower head, an electric toothbrush, that big jar of coconut oil…you won’t look at the home goods section of the department store the same way again.


Let Masturbation Month be your portal into a new phase of self-pleasure and remind yourself that you’re so very good at what you do!

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