In Defense of Dick Pics: 4 Reasons These Racy Photos Rule

Nothing in this Internet Era has gotten a bad rap like the dick pic, and in most instances, let’s face it: we are right to be outraged when a total stranger sends an unsolicited pic of his fleshy pole. In an age where access to the Web has conditioned us to expect the unexpected, the dick pic is the last frontier in shock value.

But what about those dick pics you keep saved in that hidden, secret file on your phone or computer (admit it!)? What makes those different? Chances are, someone you really like — or with whom you really like to get naked — snapped and sent for your viewing pleasure and you did not. Mind. At All.

Let’s not dig ourselves into a hole where dick pics have an irreparably bad reputation and anyone who actually likes them is some sort of deviant. Let’s embrace — celebrate, even! — the majestic significance of the totally-solicited-and-sent-with-your-utmost-consent “members-only” photo. Husband, boyfriend or casual lover, when they share these intimate snaps with our eager eyes, we on the receiving end can rejoice. Here are four reasons why it’s time to speak out in defense of the dick pics that tease, please and keep you weak at the knees.

1. He’s definitely thinking about how sexy you are.

Sometimes men have a difficult time using their words. But if you pay close attention, they are telling you exactly how they feel through their behavior. If you get down-and-out because your guy never says “I think you’re sexy as hell,” that dick pic might be doing the talking for him.

2. He is reminding you of that hot encounter you shared…

In the middle of the day or the middle of the night, let his dick pic transport you away from your cares and worries and back to that last steamy tryst.

3. …and wants you to look forward to the next one.

Think of his dick pic as an exclusive invitation-cum-compliment. When it comes from the one who compliments you (in life, in bed or both!) it definitely serves as a NSFW IOU — as in, “I owe you another couple of orgasms because you rock my damn world; see you tonight!”

4. He is (really) making himself vulnerable.

Whether you share a home or just a mattress with the guy, the dick pic that comes from your lover is a visual plea for acceptance. “Want me,” it says. “Enjoy me.” Get a safe word/green light so he knows the dick pic is welcome and to reduce awkward text conversations that end with hurt feelings. He is putting himself out there for you; that’s no small thing. Be the audience he deserves with a little forethought.

With the right guy, those dick pics are much more than a sext — they are foreplay, a visual self-extension and a worthy addition to any satisfying, stimulating and saucy sex life.

So….When did pubes get such a bad rap?

When did pubes get such a bad rap?

Pubic hair provides a cushion against friction, protects the urethra from bacteria, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about sporting a full bush. So, why do so many people shave or otherwise remove it? When did pubes get such a bad rap?

There are even stories floating around the net about young men being shocked when faced with their first real-life sexual experience and discover–OH MY GOD–women have hair ‘down there.’  Porn produced in the last twenty years features bodies that are clean-shaven from neck to toe, leaving very little ‘natural growth’ other than on the top of people’s heads. Even as these same guys go through yoga-like contortions  in order to shave their own genitals, they might not consider that women are doing the same awkward maneuvers. If all they’ve seen is on the internet, then, their version of reality is likely to be a little warped.

Porn made from 1900 until the late 90’s, however, is full of bush. Shaving was considered a kinky activity. Watching someone lather up and then take a straight razor to someone’s tender and vulnerable parts is still a turn-on for lots of people.  Take a few minutes to do a search, and you’ll find “classic porn” is easily accessible and features plenty of hair. (There are plenty of brand new videos out there with plenty of bush, you just have to be clever in your searches.)

But, don’t let this somewhat recent-seeming change in pubes fool you. People have been messing with their hair forever, and it is dictated largely by whatever is popular at the time. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks left wall paintings recording their methods which varied from shaving with sharp flints, individual plucking, and burning.  Yes, you read that right. BURNING. Thank goodness for stainless steel razors, wax, and depilatories, right?

When polled, fifty percent of current college students say they keep their pubes smooth on a regular basis, especially when in a sexually active relationship. They tend to let things go a little wilder when they aren’t sexually active with another person. Most say they just ‘feel cleaner’ when their pubes are shaved.

Ask men over forty what they think of pubic hair, and you’ll get a pretty different answer. They’ll tell you they like a woman to look ‘like a woman, not a pre-pubescent’ girl. Some express relief that the current era of “bald-faced vaginas” facing them from the screen might be coming to an end.

Recent news articles suggesting that micro-abrasions caused during shaving or waxing might increase the transmission of STDs are likely to move the trend back to more natural landscaping. Post-removal itching, discomfort, and in-grown hairs are a commonly cited down-side. People will do what makes them comfortable, but, maybe, if they see that it might actually be a bad idea, they’ll toss the razors, relax, and…let their hair down.


I don’t really like vibrators. Are there any other toys we should try? Answer: YES, oh, Yes there are!

If you don’t really like vibrators. There are plenty of other toys you should try! Let’s face it, every body is different. While some people can only get off with their Hitachi Wand set on high, others can’t even tolerate the lightest of vibrators against their most sensitive parts. Never fear, there are infinite ways to play and have fun that don’t require batteries or an electric cord.

When looking for toys you might enjoy, alone or with a partner, consider your own physical sensitivities.  Perhaps you’ve tried a vibrator and it was too intense, almost painful. Maybe you’d prefer being filled up with a non-vibrating dildo, something that slowly stretches you open and satisfies you in a slower, less intense way. Maybe the coolness of stainless steel or glass sliding slowly back and forth will do it for you. It’s possible you would enjoy a butt-plug and a slow clitoral massage. Picture it in your mind, and try it out there first!

Beyond the toys that can slide inside, you might consider putting on a blindfold and letting your partner tease you.  Perhaps the light tickle of feathers will make you squirm in just the right way.  The gentle poking of a Wartenberg wheel rolling across your chest or spine might get you there faster than a feather.

Body paints provide a wide variety of sensations. Warm them up or cool them down for some awesome temperature play. The thickness of the paint and the width and bristle texture of the brush can make you focus in ways that will surprise you. It’s possible the slow dripping of hot wax on your nipples or thighs might take you to new orgasmic heights. Massage candles burn at a lower temperature, so when you drip the wax from the container, it doesn’t burn the skin. Then rubbing the wax in will create a nice combination of sensations!

Take the chance on trying something new–there is a wide variety of massage oils, waxes, and creams at or in a store near you!  A little experimentation with lots of good communication might just be what you need.

Why Are We Told There is Only One Kind of Sexy Person? Conventional Beauty Isn’t For Everyone

I have a question: why are we told there is one kind of sexy person? There is no universal standard for beauty, and if you don’t like the same type of people that your friends like, there is nothing wrong with you. You are allowed to be attracted to whoever you want, regardless of what someone else may consider flawed or unattractive. You may feel the same way about their love interests! That’s the science of sex appeal.

The Science of Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is the ability to excite people sexually. Several factors play into our minds when we decide whether a person is actually sexy, and the biggest reason is biological.

We inherently attempt to find the best suitable mates by their reproductive viability, even if we don’t plan on reproducing! So even though you may not realize it, you could be attracted to someone simply because of evolution.

Let’s put it this way: when you meet a bald, fat dude with acne scars and lots of chest hair, you may find him sexy simply because your body tells you to. Faster than you can say ‘hello there,’ your body has determined that your counterpart has the biological makeup to collaborate with you to make beautiful little babies (or just have some fun together).

Pheromones also play into the science of sex appeal and human attraction. They are chemicals that your body emits, and these scents can help to attract others. They communicate to your brain via the hypothalamus, telling your subconscious whether or not you find someone attractive.

Conventional wisdom has long held that we only only use our eyes to determine sex appeal, but newer research has determined that pheromones play a role in the process as well. If that’s the case, chest hair, acne scars, or baldness doesn’t even matter when you find someone sexy. It’s their chemicals that get you all hot and bothered.

So even if someone doesn’t meet the ‘standard’ of beautiful, you can still be attracted to them. Follow your body’s signals, and follow your nose, and chest hair may suddenly become attractive. You are allowed be attracted to whomever you please. And how couldn’t you? Your body is commanding you to.

9 Totally Hot Sex Games You Need to Try

Sex is, generally, pretty awesome as it is. But sometimes there comes a time when the tried and true doesn’t quite cut it. So whether you’re looking for a way to get your partner (or partners) in the mood, to spice up the foreplay, or take “game night” to a whole new level, these are the 9 totally hot sex games you need to try.

1. Drink Or Dare Game 

A fun twist on the classic Truth or Dare, where the dice determine your fate: one die gives you your drink assignment, while the other two combine to create the dare. Great for adventurous parties!

2. Bondage Seductions Game

With 36 different seduction cards, this game offers a great way to safely venture and explore the world of bondage, dominance, and submission play. Choose whether you wish to play as a game or select one card to experience a new adventure!

3. Tempt And Tease Game 

A great game for couples to add some spice into the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the living room, or whatever other location it may be). Includes 54 Tempt and Tease cards and 60 reward cards.

4. Pillow Talk

If your love life is not quite where it used to be, reignite your passion in bed with this fun game for two!

5. Dirty Dice “The Original” Adult Dice Game

Roll the dice to determine some fun combinations for foreplay! Just don’t lose them in the sheets when they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

6. Strip Poker

This is not a game for the casinos, although you can certainly enjoy it in your Vegas hotel room. It comes with a deck of strip poker cards and a deck of clothing cards, for extra excitement.

7. Fetish-Play Dice Game

Throw the dice to play out your fantasies. Take turns to tickle, whip, tie-up, or do other fun things to one another in this simple, but exciting game.

8. Sex! A Romantic Card Game

This game offers something new every time you play. With over 100,000 ways to win, you and your partner won’t run out of options – or out of the bedroom – any time soon.

9. Sex Scratch Tickets

No luck with the traditional scratch tickets you buy at the store? You’ll definitely get lucky with these! Makes a great stocking stuffer, or just give these to your partner when you’re in the mood for a fun night of passion.


No “special” drawer or box is complete without at least one fun, sexy game that can add in some excitement and surprise to your sex life.

How to keep up with Nipple stimulations: top 10 products that grip those nips


You probably already know that your nipples are highly sensitive, but did you know that stimulating your nipples can actually activate the same part of the brain as genital stimulation? Some women can even orgasm from nipple play alone! Nipple stimulation is amazing, and all women (and men!) should try it. Check out these 10 products to grip those nips

  1. Sensuva Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm – Strawberry Mint: Cold + nipples = sexy nipple erection. Rub some of this balm on your nipples for a tingly cooling sensation that is instantly erotic. It’s strawberry mint flavor just begs to be licked off by your lover. Try blowing on it after application for an extra cold sensation that will send shivers of pleasure down your spine.
  2. Nipple Teeze Intesifying Sensitivity Gel: Apply some of this gel to your nipples and then have some fun massaging and caressing to stimulate them. It creates a tingly sensation that makes your nipples ultra sensitive.
  3. Fetish Fantasy Nipple Erector Set: Pump up your nipples with this awesome erector set. A pump creates suction that hardens your nipples and makes them super sensitive. A rubber ring is then slid down to keep them hard and stimulated. The pumps come in two sizes, depending on how large you want to make your nipples.
  4. Fetish Fantasy Series Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamps: Attach these battery-powered vibrating clamps to your nipples for some erotic stimulation. They’re cordless so your hands are free to do other sexy things while the nipple clamps are buzzing away. Bring them along for some sensuous shower play because they’re waterproof too!
  5. Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers: Turn up the heat in the bedroom with these nipple clamps that give off both heat and vibrations. The motor has two different speeds, and the clamps heat up to an incredible 104° F (40° C).
  6. Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps: Bring some spark to your love life with these shocking nipple clamps. With voltage ranging from a light tingle to an exhilarating shock, these are perfect for the electro-sex beginner or anyone who loves mixing pleasure with some light pain.
  7. Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set: These nipple clamps have three metal beads on the end that not only make nipples look irresistibly sexy, but also add some light weights for extra stimulation. They’re also fully adjustable, so you can choose how much pressure they exert — perfect for all levels of experience.
  8. Magnetic Nipple Clamps: Adorn your nipples with these sexy magnetic clamps. With a sleek design and lightweight metal, your nipples (and your lover) will thank you.
  9. Pretty Petals: These flower-shaped nipple petals not only look stunning, they also keep your nipples perky. Choose from three beautiful floral designs.
  10. Collar With Nipple Clamps: If you’re feeling submissive, try out this sexy collar with nipple clamp attachments. The collar features an easy-to-use buckle, 10.5” chains, and clamps that are coated for comfort (but not too much comfort!). And you won’t have to feel guilty about this one, because it’s made of vegan leather.