Why Are We Told There is Only One Kind of Sexy Person? Conventional Beauty Isn’t For Everyone

I have a question: why are we told there is one kind of sexy person? There is no universal standard for beauty, and if you don’t like the same type of people that your friends like, there is nothing wrong with you. You are allowed to be attracted to whoever you want, regardless of what someone else may consider flawed or unattractive. You may feel the same way about their love interests! That’s the science of sex appeal.

The Science of Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is the ability to excite people sexually. Several factors play into our minds when we decide whether a person is actually sexy, and the biggest reason is biological.

We inherently attempt to find the best suitable mates by their reproductive viability, even if we don’t plan on reproducing! So even though you may not realize it, you could be attracted to someone simply because of evolution.

Let’s put it this way: when you meet a bald, fat dude with acne scars and lots of chest hair, you may find him sexy simply because your body tells you to. Faster than you can say ‘hello there,’ your body has determined that your counterpart has the biological makeup to collaborate with you to make beautiful little babies (or just have some fun together).

Pheromones also play into the science of sex appeal and human attraction. They are chemicals that your body emits, and these scents can help to attract others. They communicate to your brain via the hypothalamus, telling your subconscious whether or not you find someone attractive.

Conventional wisdom has long held that we only only use our eyes to determine sex appeal, but newer research has determined that pheromones play a role in the process as well. If that’s the case, chest hair, acne scars, or baldness doesn’t even matter when you find someone sexy. It’s their chemicals that get you all hot and bothered.

So even if someone doesn’t meet the ‘standard’ of beautiful, you can still be attracted to them. Follow your body’s signals, and follow your nose, and chest hair may suddenly become attractive. You are allowed be attracted to whomever you please. And how couldn’t you? Your body is commanding you to.

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