I don’t really like vibrators. Are there any other toys we should try? Answer: YES, oh, Yes there are!

If you don’t really like vibrators. There are plenty of other toys you should try! Let’s face it, every body is different. While some people can only get off with their Hitachi Wand set on high, others can’t even tolerate the lightest of vibrators against their most sensitive parts. Never fear, there are infinite ways to play and have fun that don’t require batteries or an electric cord.

When looking for toys you might enjoy, alone or with a partner, consider your own physical sensitivities.  Perhaps you’ve tried a vibrator and it was too intense, almost painful. Maybe you’d prefer being filled up with a non-vibrating dildo, something that slowly stretches you open and satisfies you in a slower, less intense way. Maybe the coolness of stainless steel or glass sliding slowly back and forth will do it for you. It’s possible you would enjoy a butt-plug and a slow clitoral massage. Picture it in your mind, and try it out there first!

Beyond the toys that can slide inside, you might consider putting on a blindfold and letting your partner tease you.  Perhaps the light tickle of feathers will make you squirm in just the right way.  The gentle poking of a Wartenberg wheel rolling across your chest or spine might get you there faster than a feather.

Body paints provide a wide variety of sensations. Warm them up or cool them down for some awesome temperature play. The thickness of the paint and the width and bristle texture of the brush can make you focus in ways that will surprise you. It’s possible the slow dripping of hot wax on your nipples or thighs might take you to new orgasmic heights. Massage candles burn at a lower temperature, so when you drip the wax from the container, it doesn’t burn the skin. Then rubbing the wax in will create a nice combination of sensations!

Take the chance on trying something new–there is a wide variety of massage oils, waxes, and creams at Romantix.com or in a store near you!  A little experimentation with lots of good communication might just be what you need.

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