In Defense of Dick Pics: 4 Reasons These Racy Photos Rule

Nothing in this Internet Era has gotten a bad rap like the dick pic, and in most instances, let’s face it: we are right to be outraged when a total stranger sends an unsolicited pic of his fleshy pole. In an age where access to the Web has conditioned us to expect the unexpected, the dick pic is the last frontier in shock value.

But what about those dick pics you keep saved in that hidden, secret file on your phone or computer (admit it!)? What makes those different? Chances are, someone you really like — or with whom you really like to get naked — snapped and sent for your viewing pleasure and you did not. Mind. At All.

Let’s not dig ourselves into a hole where dick pics have an irreparably bad reputation and anyone who actually likes them is some sort of deviant. Let’s embrace — celebrate, even! — the majestic significance of the totally-solicited-and-sent-with-your-utmost-consent “members-only” photo. Husband, boyfriend or casual lover, when they share these intimate snaps with our eager eyes, we on the receiving end can rejoice. Here are four reasons why it’s time to speak out in defense of the dick pics that tease, please and keep you weak at the knees.

1. He’s definitely thinking about how sexy you are.

Sometimes men have a difficult time using their words. But if you pay close attention, they are telling you exactly how they feel through their behavior. If you get down-and-out because your guy never says “I think you’re sexy as hell,” that dick pic might be doing the talking for him.

2. He is reminding you of that hot encounter you shared…

In the middle of the day or the middle of the night, let his dick pic transport you away from your cares and worries and back to that last steamy tryst.

3. …and wants you to look forward to the next one.

Think of his dick pic as an exclusive invitation-cum-compliment. When it comes from the one who compliments you (in life, in bed or both!) it definitely serves as a NSFW IOU — as in, “I owe you another couple of orgasms because you rock my damn world; see you tonight!”

4. He is (really) making himself vulnerable.

Whether you share a home or just a mattress with the guy, the dick pic that comes from your lover is a visual plea for acceptance. “Want me,” it says. “Enjoy me.” Get a safe word/green light so he knows the dick pic is welcome and to reduce awkward text conversations that end with hurt feelings. He is putting himself out there for you; that’s no small thing. Be the audience he deserves with a little forethought.

With the right guy, those dick pics are much more than a sext — they are foreplay, a visual self-extension and a worthy addition to any satisfying, stimulating and saucy sex life.

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