I Swing, You Swing, We All Swing at Swinger’s Resorts

What to Expect for a First Time Visit

As many people see swinger’s resorts as something taboo, they don’t talk about them much, at least not until they know that they are in safe company. It has added an air of sensual mystery to the whole experience, but that mystery also adds to the misinformation. With the inability to talk about them, those new to the lifestyle don’t know what to expect or the truth about what happens inside a swinger’s resort. Are you going to walk in, take off your clothes, and get swarmed by a sex-hungry mob? Or are the night moves a little more subtle? In case you are worried about introducing swinging or anyone else in general into your relationship, Read our blog about Introducing a threeway without ruining your relationship and apply the same ideas!



Resort are Mostly for Couples

While you may be able to find a few swinger’s resorts that allow singles to visit, for the most part, swinger’s resorts are aimed at couples. For single visitors, they must be respectful as well as comfortable in the lifestyle, but they are often popular for couples where one likes to play and the other likes to watch.

Swinger’s Resorts are A Lot Like Regular Resorts

You snorkel, play volleyball, and learn lawn chess at swinger’s resorts just like you would at a regular, non-sexy resort. It can’t be all sex all the time. These activities are just another way to get to meet new people and potential partners, so why not give them a try?

Don’t Underestimate the Food

For some reasons, many first-time swinger’s resort patrons seem to think that the food will be terrible. Perhaps they are having flashbacks to their local strip club buffet, but the food at a swinger’s resort is nothing of the sort. The enjoyment of food can often go hand in hand with the enjoyment of sex, so you will be enjoying not only visually appealing dishes, but fantastic tasting ones.

The Resorts are All-Inclusive

Who wants to worry about how much they are spending on alcohol or what dinner will be costing them? It sort of takes away from the atmosphere if you are worrying about money. This is why almost all swinger’s resorts are all-inclusive, meaning meals and alcohol are already factored into your room rate.

The Experience is Very Much a Social One

You are not going to spend your resort stay constantly having sex until you are so sore you can’t even walk. Most of your stay at a swinger’s resort will be spent talking to other people. You will spend a lot of time at pool parties, wine tastings, and late-night raves where you dance, talk, and generally get a feel for other people. Of course, it is likely you will wander away from these events back to your room if you make a connection.

You Will Find the Best Resorts in the Caribbean

While swinger’s resorts can be found in the USA and Europe, the majority dwell where it is hottest, like in South America and the Caribbean. As so many people vacation to the Caribbean for fun in the sun, it provides the perfect cover for those covertly visiting a swinger’s resort. The best resorts are found specifically in Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Relaxation is Key

If you aren’t relaxed or comfortable at a swinger’s resort, you aren’t going to have much fun. This is why many resort’s come fully stocked with bars, spas, and spacious pool areas where sex is not allowed and those new to the lifestyle can relax a little bit, get chatted up, then make the decision if they are interested.

It is Better to Go With A Group

Many resorts have certain times of the year that they become overrun with swinger groups. While you can make a connection without a visiting group at the resort, it is best to find a group to travel with to increase your variety of choices. It may be more exciting to leave your fun up to fate, but an empty swinger’s resort is a sad resort.

There is Etiquette

The resort may be called Hedonism, but there is still a strict code of etiquette that visitors will need to follow. You will need to cover up for meals and any resort activities that aren’t of an R-rated nature. Sex in public or on the beaches is still a big no-no as well. However, most resorts do have designated play areas, like rooftop Jacuzzi’s completely encircled by beds.

Yes, There is Quite a Bit of Sex Too

Just because an orgy of sweaty flesh isn’t happening in the lobby doesn’t mean there isn’t sex happening at your swinger’s resort. Aside from aforementioned play areas, the majority of the fun happens in the bedrooms. Spontaneous sex becomes about a million times more likely at a swinger’s resort, but it is not all Roman orgies all the time, just some nights.

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