How to make Pokemon work in your relationship

Catch ’em All: How to make pokemon work in your relationship

Pokemon Go is the latest craze, and it seems like everyone is trying to catch ’em all! In this mobile game, you have to head out into the real world to find Pokemon and add them to your collection. If this doesn’t seem like something that can be good for your relationship, think again!

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Of course, Pokemon Go won’t help your relationship if you spend all your time playing and none showering your partner with attention. But that’s true of any video game. Pokemon Go has actually proven to be an excellent way to meet a potential partner, a cute date idea and a way to spend time with your significant other.

Incorporating Pokemon Go into your relationship even goes hand in hand with Real Sex Habits of Happy Couples!

Take A Walk Together

Walking has never been so crucial in a video game before! You need to head outside and walk up to 10 kilometers to hatch those rare eggs, and you’ll find yourself wandering outside to find Pokemon on the tracker. Why not ask your sweetie to join you on today’s hunt? The two of you can hold hands and encourage one another. Your walk will be even more romantic if you head out at dusk or dawn — and you’ll find different Pokemon around when you play during different times of day.

Plan a Picnic

Parks are exactly the sort of landmarks where you’ll find Pokestops. And if your local park has a body of water, you’re more likely to find water types such as Staryu and Magikarp. But a stroll through the park and a picnic overlooking a lake sound pretty romantic to us! Pick your destination (consider one of the less-popular Pokestops if you want a little privacy) and pack a picnic. Consider a picnic by moonlight, too. You’ll have a better chance catching Zubats and similar Pokemon at night!

Explore Someplace New

Because Pokestops and gyms correspond with landmarks and other sights, Pokemon Go is the perfect way to explore somewhere new. you don’t even have to go far! Head to the other side of town or the next city over, and let the app guide you. Don’t forget that getting out of your neighborhood might help you find unique Pokemon, such as that Rhyhorn you’ve been looking for!

Play As a Team

Taking over a gym in Pokemon Go is a great feeling! It’s even easier with a little help of your friends. When you and your partner are on the same team, you can take over a gym from the opposing team and leave your Pokemon as guardians. So exchange a high-five — or a kiss — when you ace that battle. The excitement might turn into something naughtier once you return home!

Snap a Pic

One of the most-touted features of Pokemon Go is augmented reality. If you have a compatible phone, you can see that Weedle sitting on your table or in your driveway. The next time you see an adorable Eevee pop up, snap a photo of her and your special someone. It’s sure to make them smile!

Make A Wager

Can you catch more Pokemon tonight? Are you going to get the Pikachu catcher medal before your partner does? Will you find the Growlithe that’s been dodging you for days? Maybe you’re sure you’ll level up by the time the sun sets. Think of any goal in the game and make a sexy bet — the harder the goal, the sexier the reward! Or you can just trade hugs and kisses for each Pokemon you catch or evolve that day… but we’re pretty sure that will lead to more!

Clean Up Together

After a few hours walking or biking, you and your significant other might be a little sweaty. It’s time to head home and clean up. Showering together saves water, and it might just distract you from playing Pokemon Go for a while!

Video games like Pokemon Go can be fun without taking away from your relationship. If you show your partner how fun it can be — explain the controls with your arms around them from behind — you might have an activity that both of you enjoy together. Plus, adding a fun and flirty element to Pokemon Go might just lure more than Pokemon to you!

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