The Womanizer: The first New and Revolutionary Sex Toy in Years

New and Revolutionary

This little toy might have a terrible name, but, a few minutes with this baby and you won’t care what it’s called. This short video shows how a small silicone cup/ring encircles the clitoris and simulates sucking, but it doesn’t come close to showing you how exciting and intense it really is.


The Womanizer works via “touchless” stimulation, meaning that it’s not placed directly against the clitoris. It’s not a magical wand you wave over your clitoris because it actually does touch your body–but it comes close. If you love oral, you’ll probably love the Womanizer.

The sensation is similar to receiving oral sex and suction at the same time. It’s completely different from a vibrator, and is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t love that kind of intensity.

The different settings on the Womanizer let you work up from a gentle starting point to mind-blowing, body-jerking orgasms. A lot of women have experienced female ejaculation while using it, too!

Be sure to use lube to create a seal around the clitoris. After you’ve tried it on your clitoris, move up to your nipples.  When playing with a guy, try having intercourse doggie-style with the Womanizer You can even get him going by placing the cup against his frenulum. You can vary the intensity of the action as well–build it up, back it off, then build it again.

The versatility makes the Womanizer a toy you will want to keep charged and at the ready, just to see what new ways you can get off with it.

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