What You Need to Know When Preparing for Anal

When it comes to getting ready for anal, particularly for the first time, try to adhere to our favorite saying: “lots of lube, and lots of patience!” Here are a handful of tips to follow when preparing for anal.


1. If you’re cleaning yourself in preparation for your partner is a concern to you, then try out our Colt Anal Douche! Douching is a way to clean out either a vagina or an anus; it works by spraying either water or a mixture of liquids up into the crevice to rinse it out.

2. Try out some sexy bottoms to set the mood! For women, try out our steamy Crotchless Ribbon-Back Boyleg Bottoms! Although they can stay on during sex (thank you, crotchless!), they’re so hot your partner might tear them off! And for men, check out our sexy Apollo Mesh Jock with C-Ring!

3. When you’re preparing for anal, comfort is key! If you’re looking for a comfort cream, then try out our Anal-Ese Cream. This anal cream will help relax your muscles, keep the area moisturized, and give you enough numbing sensation so stretching out is less painful. Our Anal-Ese Cream needs time to soak in to allow the numbing agent to begin to work. This cream isn’t too numbing, it’s important that you can still feel whats happening to take care of your body and your limits.

4. Always start slow! We aren’t kidding when we say lots of lube and lots of patience. Foreplay is key when preparing for anal, and once the area is properly lubricated insert a single finger or a very small toy. The perfect toy to use is our Basix Rubber Works – Mini Buttplug; it’s as big as a finger and is incredibly soft to the touch.

5. Make your way into 2, 3, or 4 fingers while you and your partner are engaging in foreplay to relax your body and loosen your sphincter. When you’re ready, we recommend using a slightly larger toy (smaller than your partner’s size) to get your body used to the in-and-out motion. We suggest our Colt Anal Trainer Kit to ease your body into more (and bigger!) anal play.

6. Remember, anal is all about communication and trust. When you are comfortable enough for size entry, make sure you take control and determine how much and at what speed. There’s no rush here so take it slow! If you are receiving anal, you will feel much more comfortable if you are in control of your partner, and always apply more lube if necessary! When you become used to the size of your partner, then you can work on how hard and how fast.

7. Don’t concentrate too hard on the backdoor and forget about everywhere else! Include the rest of both of your bodies (nipples, clit, testicles, inner thighs, ears/neck, etc.) to stimulate all over and heighten your experience.

Remember to communicate and take it slow, and together you can accomplish anything. Check out all the toys mentioned in this article and more at Romantix.com! Have fun!

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