How to get your wife out of sweats and into sexy!

How to get your wife to wear sexy lingerie

Your wife prefers oversized t-shirts or sweats. You want to see lace and satin. She wears fuzzy slippers and doesn’t understand heels in bed. She looks really cute in her fluffy bathrobe, but you want sexier visuals. So, do you want to learn how to get your wife to wear sexy lingerie?

Try texting, or better yet, sexting her. Yes, use your phone to build up to the idea of visual sexy. If you’ve never done this, it gets easy with practice. Remember that you like visuals and she loves reading and hearing about sex. Let her know she’s hot, sexy, and all you ever think about. If you want different? You need to do different. This is verbal foreplay. Make it slow and long. If you’re both at work, the sexual tension you’re creating for her adds to the excitement.

Start slow by spending one day or three keeping the texts simple. Here are three good ones: “Good morning beautiful”, “hi sexy”, or “I love you”. Expect a good reaction when you both get home from work.

Next, text that you can’t stop thinking about her. Add a link and let her know you would love to see her in this. Wait for a reaction. She might tell you it’s not worth the money when she’s only going to have it on for three minutes. Text back that you want to ravage her while it’s still on. And ps? Keep that promise.

So what happens if she doesn’t like what you picked out? Don’t give up. You’re on a mission here. Send her another picture. If she absolutely says no? She won’t. Because you’ve let her know that the very idea of her wearing this outfit means you can no longer concentrate on your work. If you get really good at this, be prepared for her to fire back with a bit of her own raunchy stuff. Follow her lead, and you may have to go home early.

Next step: Buy it! Have her help choose the outfit. On the day it arrives, do these things: text her one word “tonight”; put a fresh-cut rose on the kitchen table; order takeout; hang up the outfit in the bedroom. Have fun.

Keep it going! If you ever want her to wear lingerie again, or to buy more, do follow-up texts. Remind her how hot and sexy she is. And let her know you can’t stop thinking of her in that outfit.

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