Tell me, Do you like it HOT?

Toys that heat up, warm up and get you hot.

Light the candles, turn on your “go to” tunes for an outstanding night of sensual touch and tension release. When it is time to draw back the covers, and whether you are going it alone, or with a partner try out these heated lubricants and toys to increase your sexual sensations and pleasures tonight.

JO Warming Silicone Lubricant 2.5 oz.

When your favorite toy is silicone and you want to keep it in great shape it is best to use a silicone lubricant with it. JO warming silicone lubricant is not only perfect for use with your favorite toy but it warms up to the touch. Try a little bit at a time with a toy or alone to accentuate touch and movement.

System Jo Warming Lube

JO Sensual Massage Warming 4.5 oz.

Whether you are playing alone or you are playing with a partner this massage oil is a great addition to your night stand stash. This oil heats up as you move with it, so you can massage it into sore muscles to release tension and then move to more sensitive parts for a stronger release. Use it on him to heat up his shaft for a hot sensation, or on her to heat up her clit, or prepare for other exploration.

Warm-N-Glow Vibe – Pink

This vibrator warms as well as vibrates giving you intensity on two different levels. The flexible head begins at a standard speed, and can be raised to a higher more intense pace. The vibe can then heat up setting off more of your senses and creating warming sensation that you will tell your friends about.

Summer Lovin Warming Vibrator – Pink

Summer Lovin Warming Vibe

Starting out with eight different speeds and a shaft covered with soft silicone tufts this vibrator offers up pleasure on a special level. Like other vibrators it runs you through the speeds, exhausting your body’s sensations. However with the added bonus of a heated shaft this vibrator takes it up a level to give you a more realistic pleasure and heighten your experience and orgasm.

Jo for Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant – .35 Fl. Oz. / 10 ml

Just a dab on the clit and this warm and buzzy stimulant will have her rising up off the bed in excitement. A little big goes a long way and will not only warm her up but it will stimulate her sensitive parts awakening a pleasure that is hard to ignore. If you are using this with a partner or on your own it will be a must have addition to your night stand drawer.

Whisper Micro Heater Bullet – Purple

This is an extra powerful bullet that runs quietly under the covers. Sit back and select one of the two vibration modes by simply pressing on the conveniently located button. This may be small but it packs a warm punch and will excite your insides. You or your partner can use this on the clit for an external orgasm. Add a heating lube and you’re going to have a hot and exciting night.

Warming Wand

The Amazing Warming Wand

The warming wand heats up your pleasure sleeve and gives you a more realistic experience when masturbating with sleeve type toys. It only takes about ten minutes to heat up your toy, and that gives you time to lean back, get comfortable, and start sinking into your rhythm. Once your toy is heated up you can slide in with a standard lube, or a warming one to increase the sensation you crave.

Remember when you play with new toys or lubes to test them out first and make sure that they are compatible with your toys as well as your body. Try a little bit of lube out on a small sensitive part first and pay attention to your body. When using heated toys, try it first on the inside of your wrist to gauge the heat and how hot you want it.

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