Consider Our Top 5 Couples Products for your next Adventure

Our top 5 couples products

Shopping for new couples products is always fun no matter what the reason is. Maybe it has been a long week and you and your partner are looking for something to spice up the weekend, or one of you might be away, and you are considering phone or cam sex to keep the relationship new and fresh while you are separated. In either case you should consider including one or more of these top five couples products to help stimulate your next adventure.

Fantasy C-ringz Ultimate Couples Cage

Made with body safe silicone this waterproof cage fits directly over his penis giving him a firm squeeze around his shaft. The powerful vibrations created by a strong bullet vibrator located on top of his shaft will help bring on an equally powerful erection. The back ring of the cage slips comfortably around his balls giving him the added stamina of a cock ring. While the vibrations of the top part enhance every move he makes there is another large vibrator angled perfectly to stimulate and tease her clit as he moves in and out of her. Five powerful speeds make teasing and stimulating each other an exciting adventure.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

Fantasy C-Ringz

The We-Vibe enables a couple to explore and investigate what it is like giving up control, as well as taking it. This toy is perfect for a BDSM dynamic where one partner is in control of the others stimulation by remote. The vibrator is for her, and once it is inserted the We-Vibe hugs her from the g-spot out and around her mound to her clit. The snug fit allows it to stay in even when moving around. The vibrator can then be controlled by an app on the phone or a remote control in the capable hands of her partner.

Imagine going out to dinner and never really being sure when your partner may turn it on or if they will turn it off long enough for you to eat. This also works very well if you are separated by distance either for the weekend or longer. In a long distance relationship this product gives the couple a little more control over their sex life until they can be physically together again.

Wet Together Lubricant

With these two bottles of lubricant in hand you and your partner can take the sensual art of touching each other to the next level. Using your lubricated hands and fingers to

Wet Together

investigate and titillate your partners private areas will be the beginning of a vivaciously intimate sexual experience. Silky and slippery hands rubbing and teasing each other is a great way to start non-verbal communication during sex. It is easy to find out what each partner likes by touching and listening to how quick their breaths come as while passing over and into different parts of their body.

Up Spice It Up Double Action Couples Ring 1

This ring has two bullet vibrators attached to it for exciting fun. When the ring is on he will get a strong vibration at the base of his penis just at the top of his balls, giving him added stimulation during the rocking back and forth motions. The top of the ring also has a bullet vibrator and an added nub to reach the clit and give her the same type of added stimulation during sex. The bullets have simple on and off buttons on the end making them easy to turn on and off. They also slip out of the cock ring for easy cleaning.

Bendable You Too

This soft silicone toy is bendable and versatile giving you and your partner all kinds of options on how to play. It comes with a remote control so you can give up control and allow your partner to guide you to climax. The shape makes it easy to reach the g spot and the soft bendable silicone also allows him to also stimulate his prostate at the same time. The toy can be used over his penis as well stimulating him before inserting it into her.

Bendable You Too

With all of these toys always check out the requirements for lubricant as well as how to clean them. Silicone toys should only be used with silicone safe lube to protect the life of your toy. All of the toys listed are easy to clean and store until your next adventure.

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