Fleshlight: The Ultimate In Men’s Sex Toys

The Fleshlight is perhaps the most popular brand of male masturbators on the market, and it’s definitely the best known. Although few people would actually confuse the large case with a flashlight, the cases are relatively discreet in person. But it’s what’s inside a Fleshlight that makes it so well-loved!

The Fleshlights are available in three cases:

When you unscrew the cap of the Fleshlight, you’ll see an orifice – vagina, mouth or anus – to penetrate. These are made of Superskin and available in various flesh tones, clear and even blue for alien Fleshlights! This is far from the only way you can customize your Fleshlight, however.

Texture is a main component of your Fleshlight. Do you want it soft, rough, tight or

Stamina Training Unit

loose? These are ridges, nubs, tubes and twists. It’s best to view photos of the textures to get an idea of how they differ from one another; however, what you like might surprise you.

Users swear by their favorite Fleshlight texture, and there are even websites and forum threads dedicated to the topic. You’ll find there’s no single “best” texture of Fleshlight.

Some of the most popular textures include:

  • Destroya and Mini-Destroya
  • STU
  • Wonder Wave
  • Lotus and Mini-Lotus
  • Vortex
  • Bi-Hive
  • Super Ribbed
  • Alien

Plus, you can get a masturbator modeled after the anatomy of your favorite porn star. Both Alex Texas (Texas Tornado) and Teagan Presley (Love Humps) have their own internal textures.

There’s even an attachment to connect your Fleshlight to your iPad! If you want an even more intense experience, you can get a sleeve warmer or vibrating attachment for your Fleshlight or mount it in the shower.

Shower Mount

The final selling point of the Fleshlight is the suction, which you can control by opening the end opposite of the cap. Combined with just enough personal lubricant – use water-based lube to avoid damaging your toy – your designer Fleshlight can feel like a premium experience. Remember that added suction means added noise, however.

After you’re done with your Fleshlight, remove the inner sleeve and run warm water through it to clean. Make sure to allow it to thoroughly dry before returning it to your case. Fleshlight sells renewing powder, which will help your toy feel like new.

Find Fleshlights, lube and accessories at Romantix.

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