Take This Pansexual: Fun Quiz to Tell If You’re Pansexual

Do you think you may be pansexual? Ever had some confusion about your sexuality? Then the Pansexual: Fun quiz to tell if you’re pansexual can help!


1. Would you say you’re very open-minded?

a) yes – 3 points

b) somewhat – 2 points 

c) no – 1 point

2. Would you ever date someone who identifies as “gender-fluid” or “genderqueer”?  (gender-fluid is defined as a person having gender expression that is not fixed and changes over time, genderqueer is a person who is not strictly masculine or feminine)

a) I would if I liked them – 3 points 

b) what does that mean? – 2 points

c) I don’t think so – 1 point

3. Have you ever been confused when it comes to using the terms bi, gay or lesbian?

a) no – 1 point

b) a little bit – 2 points

c) yes, totally! – 3 points

4. What do you notice first that makes you think someone is attractive?

a) their smile – 2 points 

b) a certain femininity or masculinity – 1 point 

c) their words – 3 points

5. Are you turned on by androgyny? (androgyny is the blending of both masculine and feminine characteristics, or not identifying with either of them specifically)

a) it’s pretty sexy – 3 points 

b) I guess so – 2 points 

c) not at all – 1 point


How closely do you match up with the definition of “pansexual”?

5-7 points

You’re not pansexual

Maybe you are bisexual, gay or straight. Either way, you clearly are interested in people for their gender. Their intellect and aspects of their personality may interest you, but you have more of a traditional view in terms of sex and relationships.

8-11 points


You have a fleeting interest in different types of sexuality. Maybe you have identified as pan before. However, you are kind of just figuring yourself out still.

12-15 points

Truly pan

You’re as pansexual as they come! You are not limited by gender binary in terms of attraction, because you fall for someone for their personality above all else. Love is about being open-minded, so you do not mind doing what is unconventional. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to be you!

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