Top 4 Websites for Meeting the Guy of Your Dreams: Gay Guide to Online Dating

Where to meet the man of your dreams: Gay Guide to dating in the digital world

Finding a serious relationship with another gay man can be tough. Sure, we can go to gay clubs, but as you’ve probably noticed, most of the men there are not “relationship material.”


Online dating for gay men has blown up in recent years. I’ve tried meeting other gay men through personal connections (friends of friends often know attractive gay guys), social clubs, and bars. In my experience, online dating is far superior to all of these options.

Having said that, all websites aren’t created equal. Here are the top four websites for finding a great partner:

1. OkCupid

OkCupid is the best free dating website. Unlike some other big dating websites (such as the infamous eHarmony) OkCupid supports gay men.

The large userbase of OkCupid is both a strength and a weakness. It’s easy to find someone near you but it’s sometimes hard to get a response from attractive males since they get so many messages.

OkCupid is completely free. Signing up for an account is worthwhile.

2. Chemistry

Chemistry has a fairly large database and great modern layout.

Chemistry is different than other dating websites because it matches users based on location and a personality test – users don’t search for each other.

It’s a unique concept that is worth trying out. It may help you meet a special someone that would “fall through the cracks” on traditional dating websites.

3. Match

Match costs a monthly fee but I believe it’s worth it. The people on here tend to be more serious about creating a meaningful relationship than other websites.

I’ve found that the men on Match are the hottest out of all four dating websites.

4. Gay Dating

Gay Dating is more geared toward casual encounters. However, the men I’ve met on here have been classier and seem more open to pursuing a long-term relationship than other casual gay dating websites.

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