5 (not so) shocking sex and life secrets of a gay man

Gay men are some of the most stereotyped people in society. There is tons of misinformation circulating the web about gay men’s sex lives, often times playing into stereotypes rather than expressing reality. Because of this, we have compiled a list of some sex and life secrets of gay men that may shock you, even though they really shouldn’t.


Gay men keep their feelings to themselves.

While Hollywood often likes to portray emotional gay men that talk about their feelings nonstop, gay men often feel as though they need to keep it private.

More gay men identify as ‘versatile’ than you’d think!

That’s the joy of gay sex, the individual can change his role from partner to partner depending on the relationship dynamics. A generally shy person can have the opportunity to be dominated in bed one day and submissive another.

Gay men are no less or no more sexually active then straight men.

In fact, on average, the number of sexual partners is the same for both. The main difference is many gay men are totally okay with just making out and foreplay and enjoy that just as much (if not more) than actual penetration. According to OK Cupid gay men are more artistic, thus finding great joy in even a simple BJ while straight men are more horny, always wanting to go the final mile and get it in. Like, a lot.

Gay men are not inherently more romantic than straight men.

For some reason, people still believe that being gay somehow makes you more romantic, when this is quite the contrary. There are plenty of gay men that don’t want to go on date after date, including many that prefer one-night stands and purely sexual relationships over traditional dating.

Gay relationships are not always monogamous.

While mainstream media likes to show gay couples as living lives parallel to the traditional image of straight couples, there is a rising trend of open relationships within the gay community, just like in the straight community.

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