Respect The Boobies!

Don’t forget the boobies!

Foreplay is an important aspect of the language and song of sex. Without foreplay, sex can lack rhythm, narrative, and variety. Boobs, breasts, tits; whatever you call them, they are important to foreplay. While it is certainly not required (variety is the spice of life) new couples sometimes start higher up on their bodies and work their way down to lower erogenous zones. If kissing and breast stimulation are important to you in foreplay, make it known in your sex life and stand up for the boobies’ right to feel great. In fact, breast stimulation is a powerful activity for any phase of a sexual encounter. So love the boobies and don’t forget the boobies!

There are a variety of ways to stimulate the breasts. Squeezing, sucking, and fondling all come pretty naturally and are stimulating to many individuals. Some lovers prefer to deal with the whole breast and some need a nipple focus. When the boobies in your life need a little (or a lot) of extra attention, consider augmenting your sexual activity with some toys and devices invented to please and engage the breasts. You may be seeking more pressure, teasing or warmth on the breasts. Nipple clamps and nipple massagers are just two of many such available products. You may also want to consider arousal gels and pretty petal nipple designs. Lovers of all persuasions, personalities, (and genders) can benefit from some quality attention given to their breasts, chests, and nipples, so take the plunge and give the boobies the attention and love they deserve!

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