Hoods and Masks aren’t only for Halloween – Try Them Today!

This Halloween, you might be dressing up like a goblin or ghoul like so many people do. But there are some sexual explorers who have discovered how erotically enthralling costumes and accessories can be. We’re here to tell you that hoods and masks aren’t only for Halloween; they have a place in the bedroom, too!

A hood or mask is perfect for role play — you or your partner gets to play another role. Perhaps you’re normally shy, but the anonymity provided by a mask means that you can be bolder than you normally would. If you’ve ever donned a naughty schoolgirl costume and promptly began to misbehave, you understand the allure of a mask. It’s dress up for your head and face!

Leather Mouth Gag

Some masks and hoods are specifically designed to make you look like someone – or something – else. These include animal masks. The horse and rabbit are especially popular in BDSM because of their unique features and long ears.

This bring is to our next point: hoods and masks are excellent for BDSM players, which frequently involves role playing. A hood or masks by definition covers parts of your head and face in a form of bondage.

In a basic mask such as the Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex 3 Hole Hood, your mouth and eyes are free. It’s not very bondage-like, which makes it good for beginners (and also for being able to perform oral!).

Fetish Fantasy 3 Hole

The Fetish Fantasy Series Spandex Open Mouth Hood removes eye holes, which means your world becomes obscured as you wear the hood. What will your partner do next? Even if he or she touches you in the same way as usual, the anticipation will make things feel electric, and your other senses will become more alert.

The Leather Mouth Gag with Adjustable Straps is an interesting piece. Rather than being a full hood, it covers only the eyes (with a blindfold that’s sure to stay in place) and the mouth via a gag. Gags make it difficult to speak or even swallow, which makes them great for bondage and humiliation.

If you’d prefer just the gag, you can try out the Leather Mouth Gag with Adjustable Straps. The square panel that fits over your – or your partner’s – mouth binds a larger area than your typical ball gag. The strapped collar adds a little touch of bondage that your typical gag lacks. The entire thing looks pretty hot if you’re into fetish wear.

Fetish Fantasy Open Mouth

Of course, those aren’t the only unique masks that we carry. You can satisfy your medical fetish with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Malpractice Mask, a vinyl hood that will look stunning on anyone. And the Fetish Fantasy Series Fishnet Hood leaves plenty of your skin exposed if you’re not quite ready to work your way up to a full, blackout hood.

There’s truly a mask or hood for any aspiring kinkster!

A word of warning to anyone who’s excited about hoods and masks: removing the ability to see or speak can be more overwhelming than you

Malpractice Mask

imagine. Rather than delve into an elaborate scene, try wearing the hood, masks or blindfold during traditional sex to get used to it.

When you add a hood or mask to play, you get to be someone else and experience sensations like never before. Even putting on a hood or mask can become symbolic during the beginning of your play, and you’ll become aroused as soon as you put it on. But you’ll never know until you try your first mask or hood.

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