Our Sexiest Costumes for Party or Playtime

With Halloween soon approaching, you’ve probably given some thought to what parties you’ll go to and what you’ll wear. But don’t forget to check out our costume section for sexy costumes that can be worn all year round in the comfort of your own bedroom or even out of the house to a scandalous party!

The Most Popular Sexy Halloween Costume

1. Fever Police Officer

Fever Police

Both men and women look good in uniform; although, you won’t catch an actual officer in something so risque as this strappy number. The PVC costume leaves little to the imagination, but you can certainly have fun by adding role play to your bedroom activities. A while and a set of handcuffs are the perfect accessories to match.

If that costume isn’t up your alley, you can try the Undercover Cop 6 Piece Set. It’s part bondage but all sexy with its PVC design, which includes a tie.

2. Fever Army

If military uniforms are what do it for you, look no further than this army-inspired lingerie costume. Olive green and black mesh combine in a chemise. Shoulder and hat details complete the look, which would definitely be sexy with a pair of combat boots.

3. Nurse This White

Our curvier readers can rest assured that we have them covered, too. It evokes classic nurse

Nurse Plus Size

imagery thanks to the red-and-white motif. The costume includes hat, skirt, garters and bras. But you can add your own stethoscope and stiletto shoes to complete the look. Your man will love as you check him over for any assumed injury or illness. Then, you can kiss it all better!

4. Fever Student Head Girl

Fever Student

The classic schoolgirl uniform turns on just about everyone. You don’t need to scour your closet for your old duds, however. This costume is a single piece with a skirt, collar and cutout sides that ups the ante from regular schoolgirl outfits. The collar and logo patch add a touch of realism to the otherwise provocative outfit.


5. Nun Corset

The final costume on our list is one the evokes fear and arousal in many people. The strict nun would brandish here ruler against a desk or the knuckles of any student who wasn’t paying attention. For women who like to dominate their men in the bedroom, there is no easier way than donning this costume. The headpiece and collar come with the lace-up corset.


All of these costumes would go well with your favorite pair of thigh highs or fishnet stockings and your favorite pumps. Accessorize with a paddle or flogger to help you get into the role, even if you don’t need to use it.

If you haven’t found what you want on this list, check out our sexiest costumes for more inspiration.

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