The Tale of the Vampire Glove: Pleasure And Pain All In One


The tale of the Vampire Glove

If you like experimenting in the bedroom, you should hear the the tale of the Vampire Glove. Allow us to teach you a little bit about these dark and sharp gloves, which will add a great jab of fun into your sex life.

It Comes All the Way From Transylvania…. Actually, It’s Just Your Bedroom

When you are ready to bump in the night, and you’ve never heard of or seen Vampire Gloves, you are missing out. They are beautiful leather gloves, with small little spikes protruding from surface on the inside of the fingers. Having fingers studded with metal spikes means that you are in full control of the intensity of your experience.

For those of you that want to try something new and a little more edgy, you can use the gloves to scratch your beloved on your back, your arms, your ass, and (for ladies) your breasts. But if you like to play really rough in the bedroom, try using them for a more intense experience. It’s almost Halloween, so why not try to draw some blood?

Of course, you don’t have to pull a Dracula to enjoy these gloves. Used lightly, they can simply add sensuality to your bedroom.

If you want pleasure, pain, or both at once, these gloves are perfect for you. Especially i51FvZONMgiL._SX300_QL70_.jpgf you are planning on going out and enjoying Halloween, why not end your night with some naughty nighttime play? It just might be time to get into character. When you use vampire gloves, you’ll intensify your love life and add a new array of sensations you didn’t know were possible. Pleasure and pain all in one; when you’re ready for it, your pair of vampire gloves will be waiting.

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