Pick A Peck of These Party Peckers: Our Top 6 Penis-Shaped Gifts

Peckers, we love them. Here is our top peckers for gifting.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect filler for a bachelorette party favor bag or just an excuse to enjoy a penis-shaped novelty for yourself, our six top pecker gifts are your best bet for a pleasurable experience.

1. Peter Pecker’s Penis Gummies

These colorful gummies come in four flavors and are anatomically correct, complete with authentic textures for added fun! Snack time has never been naughtier.htp2250

2. Multi-flavor Weenie Chews

These chewy candy johnsons are like a party in a bag. Multi-flavor weenie chews are sure to satisfy a randy group of bachelorettes, a couple with the munchies, or keep you company when you have a night to yourself.

3. Succulent Hard Willies

The name says it all when it comes to these fruity sweets. Succulent hard willies come in a conveniently portable and discrete tin for your sucking enjoyment on the go.

4. Party Pecker Sipping Straws

htp2120These titillating straws are hot, hot, hot! Sipping your favorite drink with your new favorite straw is sure to heat up any nighttime festivities. They come in five assorted colors to compliment every personality.

5. Rainbow Peckler Whistle Necklace

Once you start blowing this whistle, you won’t be able to stop. The most colorful weenie whistle around, it is guaranteed to spice up any feisty get-together.

6. Marshmallow Penies

Squishy, soft marshmallow wieners are as fun to touch as they are to taste. These puffy e2acaecf7b69c068fea8f8e87985bf79-1peckers will keep finding their way into your mouth and you’ll need to be sure to stock up!gw-sf51-1

Check out Romantix.com today to purchase these and many other delicious erotic treats.

Looking for a Hard Time? Enhancement Pills, What They Are and Why We LOVE them

Enhancement pills what are they and why we love them

It’s been a long week. You’ve been looking forward to a little alone time with your man. The candles are lit, the music is soft and you finally get to put on that sexy lingerie you bought months ago. You are primed and ready to go. You’ve thought about him and everything you would do to him when you got the chance. Better yet, you’ve thought about everything you’re willing to let him do to you. He walks through the door and sees you ready, willing and submissive. Before you know it, your fantasies have come true. Everything you’ve been dreaming of has begun. Unfortunately, before any real satisfaction can be received, he’s already “cum and gone”. Leaving you to finish the job yourself.

Sadly, this is a much to common issue. It’s not that he’s selfish. He’s generally a great guy, in and out of bed. He’s left as frustrated as you are. After all, how many baseball games can he replay in his head? The down side to being so sexy, your man may not be able to keep up! Maybe he just got so excited that he couldn’t hold it any longer. Maybe stamina just isn’t his strong suit. He truly wants to go again, but the strength just isn’t there.

What if there was another way? Something that just levels the playing field. Have you ever considered enhancement pills? Now, we aren’t talking about buying pills from a guy in a trench coat on the corner.  But real enhancement pills. Something that just gives him a little extra “boost” to get the job done.

There are various types of enhancement pills, depending upon your needs.

Does your man have poor stamina? Try Surge by Rampage. Surge is sure to give you a hard time for up to 72 glorious hours!

Does he rise to the occasion, but finishes prematurely? Consider Rhino R7, the vitamin B-12 boost, will give him the energy to carry you all the way to the finish line.

If you are looking for something your man can take on a regular basis, to ensure he’s always ready when you are? You should try Black 4K.

Looking for something a little more extreme? Rhino 7 is the way to go.     “Maximize the time of intercourse. Free yourself from premature ejaculation. Gives better ejaculation control. NO Limits. Maximizes volume of ejaculations. Amazing thickness. Maximizes length, width and stamina. Experience rock hard erections. Maximize his sexual confidence. Maximizes intensity. Explosive Orgasms GUARANTEED”

There are many options to choose from. Choosing the right enhancement pill, is sure to give you a “hard time”.


Gag-gifting? Check out some of our favorite blow up dolls!

Are you looking for the perfect gag gift? Well look no further! Our five favorite blow up dolls are perfect to add to any fun gift giving list. hillary

1. Donald Chump Love Doll

Does fake orange skin turn you on? Do you (or someone you know) want to screw the man who is screwing up politics? Then get this Donald Chump love doll! danald

2. Horny Hillary Inflatable Love Doll

Need a gift for someone who is into GILFs? Well we will one-up that with our presidential GILF guaranteed to rise any man to the occasion.

3. Princess Lay-Her Star Whore Love Doll

If a galaxy far, far away is your true fantasy, then check out the sexiest star around: Princess Lay-Her!

4. Blow Up Billy Goat Doll

For your friend who may be into more unconventional sex toys (or they just want to feel ba-a-a-d), get them the Blow-Up Billy Goat Doll. This doll is also perfect for parties, goatbackyard bashes, or a pool pet!

5. Travel-Size Instant Threesome

Do you dream of having a threesome? Do you have a friend with the same fantasy? Then check out our travel size instant threesome! Just add air and you will have two hot chicks (who are 26 inches tall-perfect for travel!) ready and waiting.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gag gift for your friend, or you have always wanted to screw Donald Trump, pick one of our five favorite blow up dolls and you will be all set. For all of these products and more, check out Romantix.com!

Spice up Your Sex Life with Anal Foreplay


Anal play not only warms you up for anal sex, but it can be wonderful foreplay for vaginal sex. Some women even love anal stimulation or penetration during sex.

Don’t think that it’s just a woman’s game, either! Many men enjoy anal play, and it’s especially pleasurable for a man because his prostate is located inside his anus.

You’re not alone if you’re hesitant to try anal foreplay, however. It is where you poo from, after all. And will it be painful? Follow out advice for the most positive experience positive.

Preparation for Anal Play

In most cases, you don’t need to extensively clean for anal play. Make sure to be wiped clean – wet wipes are ideal for this – and that you’ve gone to the bathroom recently enough that your bowels are clean.

Of course, you can go the extra step to making sure you’re ready for anal play. A douche such as the small anal douche that we sell is perfect. Simply fill it with room temperature water – anything hotter can burn and anything cooler will give you quite the shock! – and squeeze the bulb into your anus as you rest over the toilet.

There is a more extreme and complete way of cleansing yourself — an enema. It’s rarely necessary, and most people who enjoy enemas do so because they have a fetish or employ it during BDSM scenes. Enemas include bags and connect to a water source, so they’re more involved than douching.

Always Use Lube

Once you feel ready for anal play, you might want to rush in. But that would be a mistake. It’s important to take your time. If you’re aroused and have already had an orgasm, you’re well on your way.

Regardless, it’s important to use lubricant. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate in the same way that the vagina does, so it’s more susceptible to tearing. Many companies make lube specifically for anal play, including System Jo. If you’re new to anal foreplay, stick to a basic lube and not one with special features such as heating or cooling. You can save those for a later date.

Before actual penetration, you can play around with some kneading of your cheeks and rubbing of the anal sphincter. You won’t need lube when doing this, but you should apply it if you want to penetrate. You can add lube to your fingers, toy or your partner’s penis. You can also lubricate your anus. It’s all personal preference.

Penetration should go slowly. Although it might seem counterintuitive, pushing out with your muscles can help you get past the initial ring of muscles. Once you accomplish this, anal play will go much smoother.

However, there’s certainly no rush. Take your time and apply more lube if you need it.

Choose the Right Toy

If you have a smaller toy to start with, especially the first time, try it. For women, you don’t necessarily need a specific shape, but men will benefit from an anal toy with a curve for prostate stimulation.

One toy we recommend is the Booty Call Booty Rocket. The pink vibrator is relatively small with a tapered head, which helps ease insertion.  The flared base also makes it safe to use anally. Never use any toy without a flared base, which prevents it from getting lost.

You can make anal play the main event or treat is as foreplay. If you’re going to have vaginal sex, a toy that stays in place is great for creating a filled sensation.

For some people, anal foreplay is something they enjoy regularly while others prefer to keep it a special treat. Either way, doing it right makes the difference between an awful time or an awesome one!

Need a Douche? Check out our top 5!

Our top 5 Douches

Are you looking for a new douche? Well check out our top five douches! (And no we aren’t talking about politics!)

1. Clean Stream Metal Deluxe Shower System

This metal shower system is perfect for convenient and comfortable use in the privacy of your own home! The kit is outfitted to use as a shower attachment with both a 5-inch and 3.5-inch nozzle and a 6 inch metal bidet hose. All you need to do is connect it to the shower and the valve control will allow you to either direct water through the nozzle or the shower head.

Clean Stream

2. Anal Douche

Need an anal douche that is easy to assemble? Well look no further! This clean water refillable douche is easy to put together. Not only that, the applicator is glow-in-the-dark!

3. Booty Call Booty Blaster – Pink

This curved douche with an easy squeeze bulb guarantees comfort and an easy reach. It is hygienically superior cleaning system that will be safe for your body and can disassemble for easy cleaning.

4. Ergoflo Pro

Booty Call

Looking for a next-generation shower and travel anal douche? Well check out our Ergoflo pro! This douche cleans quickly and efficiently by converting high pressure to a comfortable flow. You can snap it on any standard shower hose pipe with the shower clip and it comes with a 6″ silicone douche hose, a 5″ silicone drain hose, a 8″ silicone flex-tip nozzle, and a 5″ ABS plastic tip. You can fold the entire system into a compact size perfect for storage or travel.

5. Ultimate Douche

This ultimate douche is a reusable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean hygienic system. It comes with a transparent bottle and two interchangeable nozzles.

Anal Duche

So if you’re in need of a new douche, check out our top 5! For all these products and more, check out Romantix.com!