Gag-gifting? Check out some of our favorite blow up dolls!

Are you looking for the perfect gag gift? Well look no further! Our five favorite blow up dolls are perfect to add to any fun gift giving list. hillary

1. Donald Chump Love Doll

Does fake orange skin turn you on? Do you (or someone you know) want to screw the man who is screwing up politics? Then get this Donald Chump love doll! danald

2. Horny Hillary Inflatable Love Doll

Need a gift for someone who is into GILFs? Well we will one-up that with our presidential GILF guaranteed to rise any man to the occasion.

3. Princess Lay-Her Star Whore Love Doll

If a galaxy far, far away is your true fantasy, then check out the sexiest star around: Princess Lay-Her!

4. Blow Up Billy Goat Doll

For your friend who may be into more unconventional sex toys (or they just want to feel ba-a-a-d), get them the Blow-Up Billy Goat Doll. This doll is also perfect for parties, goatbackyard bashes, or a pool pet!

5. Travel-Size Instant Threesome

Do you dream of having a threesome? Do you have a friend with the same fantasy? Then check out our travel size instant threesome! Just add air and you will have two hot chicks (who are 26 inches tall-perfect for travel!) ready and waiting.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gag gift for your friend, or you have always wanted to screw Donald Trump, pick one of our five favorite blow up dolls and you will be all set. For all of these products and more, check out!

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