Spice up Your Sex Life with Anal Foreplay


Anal play not only warms you up for anal sex, but it can be wonderful foreplay for vaginal sex. Some women even love anal stimulation or penetration during sex.

Don’t think that it’s just a woman’s game, either! Many men enjoy anal play, and it’s especially pleasurable for a man because his prostate is located inside his anus.

You’re not alone if you’re hesitant to try anal foreplay, however. It is where you poo from, after all. And will it be painful? Follow out advice for the most positive experience positive.

Preparation for Anal Play

In most cases, you don’t need to extensively clean for anal play. Make sure to be wiped clean – wet wipes are ideal for this – and that you’ve gone to the bathroom recently enough that your bowels are clean.

Of course, you can go the extra step to making sure you’re ready for anal play. A douche such as the small anal douche that we sell is perfect. Simply fill it with room temperature water – anything hotter can burn and anything cooler will give you quite the shock! – and squeeze the bulb into your anus as you rest over the toilet.

There is a more extreme and complete way of cleansing yourself — an enema. It’s rarely necessary, and most people who enjoy enemas do so because they have a fetish or employ it during BDSM scenes. Enemas include bags and connect to a water source, so they’re more involved than douching.

Always Use Lube

Once you feel ready for anal play, you might want to rush in. But that would be a mistake. It’s important to take your time. If you’re aroused and have already had an orgasm, you’re well on your way.

Regardless, it’s important to use lubricant. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate in the same way that the vagina does, so it’s more susceptible to tearing. Many companies make lube specifically for anal play, including System Jo. If you’re new to anal foreplay, stick to a basic lube and not one with special features such as heating or cooling. You can save those for a later date.

Before actual penetration, you can play around with some kneading of your cheeks and rubbing of the anal sphincter. You won’t need lube when doing this, but you should apply it if you want to penetrate. You can add lube to your fingers, toy or your partner’s penis. You can also lubricate your anus. It’s all personal preference.

Penetration should go slowly. Although it might seem counterintuitive, pushing out with your muscles can help you get past the initial ring of muscles. Once you accomplish this, anal play will go much smoother.

However, there’s certainly no rush. Take your time and apply more lube if you need it.

Choose the Right Toy

If you have a smaller toy to start with, especially the first time, try it. For women, you don’t necessarily need a specific shape, but men will benefit from an anal toy with a curve for prostate stimulation.

One toy we recommend is the Booty Call Booty Rocket. The pink vibrator is relatively small with a tapered head, which helps ease insertion.  The flared base also makes it safe to use anally. Never use any toy without a flared base, which prevents it from getting lost.

You can make anal play the main event or treat is as foreplay. If you’re going to have vaginal sex, a toy that stays in place is great for creating a filled sensation.

For some people, anal foreplay is something they enjoy regularly while others prefer to keep it a special treat. Either way, doing it right makes the difference between an awful time or an awesome one!

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