Pick A Peck of These Party Peckers: Our Top 6 Penis-Shaped Gifts

Peckers, we love them. Here is our top peckers for gifting.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect filler for a bachelorette party favor bag or just an excuse to enjoy a penis-shaped novelty for yourself, our six top pecker gifts are your best bet for a pleasurable experience.

1. Peter Pecker’s Penis Gummies

These colorful gummies come in four flavors and are anatomically correct, complete with authentic textures for added fun! Snack time has never been naughtier.htp2250

2. Multi-flavor Weenie Chews

These chewy candy johnsons are like a party in a bag. Multi-flavor weenie chews are sure to satisfy a randy group of bachelorettes, a couple with the munchies, or keep you company when you have a night to yourself.

3. Succulent Hard Willies

The name says it all when it comes to these fruity sweets. Succulent hard willies come in a conveniently portable and discrete tin for your sucking enjoyment on the go.

4. Party Pecker Sipping Straws

htp2120These titillating straws are hot, hot, hot! Sipping your favorite drink with your new favorite straw is sure to heat up any nighttime festivities. They come in five assorted colors to compliment every personality.

5. Rainbow Peckler Whistle Necklace

Once you start blowing this whistle, you won’t be able to stop. The most colorful weenie whistle around, it is guaranteed to spice up any feisty get-together.

6. Marshmallow Penies

Squishy, soft marshmallow wieners are as fun to touch as they are to taste. These puffy e2acaecf7b69c068fea8f8e87985bf79-1peckers will keep finding their way into your mouth and you’ll need to be sure to stock up!gw-sf51-1

Check out Romantix.com today to purchase these and many other delicious erotic treats.

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