Need a Christmas gift for your man? Check out our sexy gifts for him!

Gifts for him

Don’t know what to get your man for Christmas? Check out our selection of underwear, toys, lube, and gag gifts and you’ll be sure to find the perfect present!


1. Underwear

There’s nothing better than a new pair of underwear that you can slip into on Christmas day. Check out our short Heather Stripe Pouch Enhancer in mint and grey. He will be happy with how comfortable he is, and you’ll be happy with how good he looks in them! But if he is more of a classic guy, then get him our Classic Rubber Thong in black, designed to enhance body contours while providing exceptional support.

2. Lube

You may already have lube to use for you both, but what about some personal lube for when he needs a little self-love? He can try out our high-rated warming or original masturbator lube! And if he’s more of a cream guy, then check out our wicked good Creme masturbation cream.

3. Toys ring

You can’t go wrong with a good sex toy as a present, and lucky for your has a very large supply! For something extra special that you both will love, try our Macho Double Blue Cock and Balls Ring with Clitoral Tickler. Or if you want to give him something more personal, consider a masturbator like the PDX Cocksucking Champ Masturbator or one of our many varieties of Fleshlights!

4. A Christmas Gag Gift

Would your man appreciate something funny with a sexual twist? Then head on over to our selection of blow up dolls! If your man is feeling a little animalistic this holiday season, then he may particularly like our Lovin’ Lamb! Or maybe he will like our Blow Up Billy Goat. And if he needs somewhere extra special to put his sausage, then check out our Erotic Love Piggie Blow-Up!

goatFor all these products and more, check out!

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