Need the perfect secret Santa gift this year? We have them!

Funny items that will make them laugh this holiday

Sometimes the best gift, is the gift of laughter. Of course, first you need something to laugh at! So for your secret Santa this year, head over to Romantix for all the best gag duckgifts.

1. Squeaker Elephant G-string

This gift will certainly become the elephant in the room! Not only does it come with ears and a trunk shaft, but it has a functional squeaker and a pair of googly eyes. elephant

2. “Ring For Sex” Keychain

Now we can’t guarantee that every time you ring this bell, you will get sex. But, we can guarantee that you’ll get a laugh!

3. Super Water Gun

The most super thing about this water gun is that it’s shaped like a penis. And water will squirt out of exactly where you can imagine. So when you’re really feeling the need to squirt, just fill it up and squeeze! water-gun

4. Weenie Linguine Penis Pasta

If you suspect your secret santa is in need of laughter and a meal, get them our Weenie Linguine Penis Pasta that will ensure they will be laughing with every bite. Not only that, but our pasta is made in Italy and will taste great!

5. Duzzy Duck Blow-Up Duck

If your friend is in need of a laugh, and a place to put his pecker, then check out our Blow-Up Duck! It’s inflatable, is 14 inches tall, and has a rear love hole for his convenience.

weeniepastaGive the gift of laughter this holiday season! For all of these products and more, check out!

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