Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice-Gifts for Her this Christmas

Gifts for her

It’s that time of year. Santa is on his way. She’s been a good girl all year-long, so she deserves something special. Something personal. Something sexy. What gift do you get the girl who has everything? There is only so much jewelry a girl can wear. Who says girls are sugar and spice and everything nice? It’s time to think outside the box.


Every girl loves a warm bubble bath. Try Blushing Berry, a pheromone and aphrodisiac infused bubble bath. Pair with Secret Pink Caviar Body Scrub and her body will be soft, sexy and irresistible.

After the bath, she will surely want to “slip into something more comfortable”. Looking for something sexy but more subtle? Try this Pink Mesh Baby Doll. This super cute baby doll is One Size Fits Most and comes with matching G-String. She’s not a “baby doll” kind of girl? What about something a little more naughty such as Chemise and G-String Set.

analOnce she gets comfortable in her new, sexy lingerie, she will be ready for that massage you’ve been promising. Every girl loves having her back massaged with sensual oils, such as Sweet Almond Massage Oil. This sensual oil allows your hands to glide effortlessly over her smooth skin. Want to join in the fun? Try using Strawberry Flavored Edible Warming Gel. It heats up as you blow on it and it will have her begging for more. lingerie

A good massage will of course, lead to an even better night. Does your girl like a little “extra” in the bedroom? Try a Couples Massager or the The Confession Holiday Gift Kit.  Still not enough? Is she a little more risque`? Maybe she likes it when Santa comes through the back door? Try Just for Her Anal Kit.

Want to take your love-making to the next level? All of those positions she’s only fantasized about can become a reality with a Sex Swing.

swingWhether she prefers Santa slide through the chimney or sneaks through the back door, she’s going to have a Merry Christmas.

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