Our Favorite Lingerie: Knowing the Difference, Makes A Difference.

Lingerie favorites: Some of our best sellers

You’ve decided to take the leap into the world of sexy lingerie, but where do you start? There are so many styles and options. Do you know the difference between a Corset and a Bustier? What’s the difference between a gown and a chemise? Did you know there are 2 types of Baby dolls? Which one is will provide the most comfort for your body type?


 Most Common Types of Lingerie

  • Corset- When most ladies think of a corset, they immediately imagine a Victorian Era undergarment that would help to achieve that “hourglass” look. With a corset there are no underwires. Traditionally a Corset will be a bit longer than a bustier, coming to the hip area and will only be tightened by laces. Today’s corsets have changed a bit.  The Kitten Lace Corset for example, offers the same sexiness as a traditional corset, but with a few added perks. The traditional corset, may lack in comfort. Whereas, the Kitten Lace Corset, comes with an open back, adjustable garters and a 4 way stretch. This a perfect option for those of us, who are a little self-conscious about our midsection.
  • Bustier- A traditional bustier will come down the torso to the naval or slightly below. It also maintains the structure and function of a bra, including underwires and padding. They are typically made with a comfortable fabric that provides a bit of stretch when needed. Modern bustiers may come with adjustable garters and ms-b473blk-smg-string sets such as the Bustier and G-String Set.
  • Chemise- A chemise is a bit more sexy than a traditional slip. It may come in satin, lace or any comfortable material. A chemise, as opposed to a gown, will come no longer than the knee. The Rose Lace Halter Chemise provides enough comfort for you to sleep in, and enough sex appeal that he won’t let you. Not into lace? The Ultra Sexy Micro Knit is provides a knit stretch with adjustable straps and garters. The best options of both the Rose Lace Halter Chemise and the Ultra Sexy Micro Knit is they are both one size fits most. Making it comfortable no matter what your body type.
  • Baby Doll- There are 2 types of baby doll dresses.

1. Standard Baby Doll- Your standard baby doll will come slightly below the                 hips, showing just enough panties to peak his interest. The seemingly                   innocent Polka Dot Baby Doll will bring all eyes onto you. But if you are                 looking for a more bold option try the Stretch Mesh and Lace Baby Doll.

2. Fly-Away Baby Doll- This is the “less than innocent” option. It has the              55c304fd6aadd5ea4d24d737532a1ce0-2       sweetness of the baby doll, but the exposure provides a little                                 naughtiness. The Fly-Away Baby Doll & G-String Set splits from the bust                 line all the way down, exposing the belly and the matching g-string panty.

The most important part of picking the correct lingerie, is attitude. You are a sexual goddess. Find your style and own it.

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