12 Non-Sexual Creative Uses for Lube

Creative things to do with a gallon of lube

It seems as if your hot and steamy sex life, has taken a bit of a hiatus. We all go through “dry” spells. This too shall pass. The down side to taking a little time off, is deciding what to do with all that lube? As a general rule, you should only purchase enough lube at one time, that you could use within a year. Let’s face it up until recently, stockpiling sounded like a good idea. So like a smart investor you purchased a whole gallon! But, now what?

There are many non-sexual alternatives for lube.

Wet – One Gallon


  • Shaving Cream Alternative- Lather your lube, nice and thick, for a close shave without nicks. Most lubes have a great moisturizing quality, so your legs will be left silky smooth. Your sex life will pick up eventually, best be ready.
  • Make-Up Remover- Lube is an excellent make-up remover for those non-waterproof cosmetics, such as mascara.
  • Lip Gloss- Apply alone or over a coat of your favorite lip color for an extra shine.
  • Hair Gel- Lube containing Dimethicone is especially great for those of us with uncontrollable curls.
  • Removing Band-Aids Residue- Slather some lube over the sticky residue and watch it slide away.
  • Skin Moisturizer- Next time you are out of your favorite lotion, reach for your water based lubricant.

Household Ideas

Glide- one gallon
  • Patent Leather Polish- Buff away those small scuffs and scratches by applying small amounts of lube to a soft wash cloth and rubbing in a small circular pattern. Works great on everything from couches to shoes.
  • Price Tag Removal- Those sticky price stickers left an impossible residue on your new stem ware? Apply small amount of lube and rub gently. Residue will melt away.
  • Stuck Zipper- Using a Q-tip apply small amounts of lube on your zipper and watch it glide with ease. (Again, your sex life will heat up, you MUST be prepared!)
  • Ice Pack- Fill a Ziplock bag with your favorite lube, and place in freezer.
  • Fix a Squeaky Door- How can you surprise your lover with a squeaky door? Apply small amounts of lube to the door hinges and no more squeaking.
  • Jewelry Issues- Sometimes fingers swell and our rings don’t want to move. Apply a little lube and it will slide right off. Delicate necklace has a knot? Easy fix. Apply a little lube and slowly de-tangle.

There are many other creative uses for lube. Just make sure you save enough for yourself 😉


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