Double Penetration: If You Can’t Find Two Partners, Here is the Next Best Thing.

You love everything about your man. Strong, steady and sexy to his core. But you are a sexual goddess and we all have fantasies. Maybe a little group action is on your mind? Unfortunately, that cute delivery guy down the street is “off-limits”.

If only your partner could be in 2 places at once. Sure he’s a great multi-tasker, but sex shouldn’t feel like a chore. There should be no thinking involved. Sex is hot, dirty and instinctual. So what is a man to do when you are begging for more? You want it and you want it bad. You want him inside you in every way possible, and you want it now!

It’s time to get a little creative. Nothing spikes up the heat like creativity. Cue the double penetrator. “When you can’t find 2 partners, this is the next best thing“.

Double Dip

The greatest thing about today’s double penetration toys are the variety of options. The old, floppy, 2 sided dildo is a thing of the past. Now your man can be in complete control of your body. From a vibrating strap-on, to a silicone cock ring he will have you begging for mercy.

More than anything you want your man inside you. You love the feel of his soft skin on his hard cock, thrusting inside you. But, you really wish he could Double Dip, with a little anal action. The Double Dip is a silicone cock ring that slides comfortably over his shaft. The beaded anal toy is just soft enough to be flexible, but firm enough to get the job done.

Double Penetration Rabbit

Double Dip just isn’t enough? Maybe you like to add a little vibration to your evening. The Double Penetrator Rabbit slides over his shaft just like the Double Dip, but it adds a bit more excitement and control. The cock ring puts a tight squeeze on his shaft keeping him right where you want him, but also provides a double vibration for both clitoral and anal stimulation.

Your partner would do anything to please you. Occasionally, even when the body is willing, it may not be able. It happens. The Vibrating Strap-On is for just that occasion. The hollow dildo provides firm support and allows his penis to slide in comfortably. The remote

Vibrating Strap-on

control clips comfortably to the side of the harness, giving him complete control.

Unfortunately, your man may be willing and able, but he may not be available! King Cock provides the double penetration you crave and the vibration you desire. The best part of the King Cock, is the bendable shaft. Each shaft is possible for your comfort level. The suction cup base makes it perfect for use in the shower, the floor or anywhere you would like.

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Double penetration doesn’t have to be a fantasy any longer. Make your fantasy a reality, with or without him.

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