Get acquainted with our fetish best sellers, great for beginners and the more advanced!

Fetish best sellers

Whether you are interested in experimenting with something new in the bedroom, or already seasoned in enjoying the world of intimate accessories, you will love becoming acquainted with the following six fetish best sellers!

1.  Sex and Mischief Black Bondage Tape


Interested in trying a little restraint? Our Sex and Mischief Black Bondage Tape is perfect for beginners who would like to enjoy the bondage experience without discomfort. This appealing, shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so users can enjoy restraining one another without risk of unsightly marks, discomfort peeling tape from the skin, or gummy residue.


2.  Sex and Mischief Studded Xo Crop

For those who enjoy a biting thrill, the Sex and Mischief studded Xo Crop is the perfect toy for intimate activities. Enjoy making your mark in the bedroom with this square crop with a studded O on one side, and a studded X on the opposite! Made of PVC, customers commented that this well-made piece “lasted for a while after hard use,” so feel free to play as gently or as rough as you’d like!ss099-05

3. I Like it Doggie Style Strap

55be6c2b092eeb8b7f12298f23046837-2If you enjoy doggie style want to enhance your experience, the I Like it Doggie Style Strap is the perfect addition you are looking for. It’s comfortably padded design helps place you or your lover in the perfect position for pleasure!

4. Under the Bed Restraints

Turn any bed into new center of pleasure with the Under the Bed Restraints. This portable, travel-sized set includes four comfortable cuffs, and restraints that fit beneath the mattress or frame, perfect for use with any bed style! Enjoy the power of restraining your partner’s wrists and ankles, while maintaining comfort with these quality cuffs, gentle enough not to leave marks. Our customers love this product because of its easy to set up, and ease of use!

5. Sedeux Divine Diva Plus Size Harness

For the best in comfort and fit, the Sedeux Divine Diva Plus Size Harness is a favorite withsportsheets-canada-under-the-bed-restraint-system our customers who say that unlike other harnesses, this one stands out due to its range of adjustability, and comment that it “feels soft to the touch and isn’t sticky like other harnesses”. The perfect blend of comfort and style, this harness looks, and feels spectacular when using your favorite dildos. This four-way adjustable harness fits up to an 82” waist and 44” legs.

6. Soft Cuffs- Black

These deliciously soft cuffs in black are the ultimate in durability, and comfort. Thick Velcro ensures the cuffs stay secure while in use, and the smooth lining on the inside gives the luxury of leaving no marks behind. A perfect accessory for any enticing ensemble!

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