Whip, crops, paddles, floggers, ticklers oh my!

Whip, crops, paddles, floggers, ticklers

When you are ready to dip into the kinky trunk and pull out something new consider a toy with some impact. You will be creating a fire, warming something deep down under and spicing up your sex life all at the same time.

Sensation is a large part of intimacy, and when you and a partner are investigating each others limits with sensation toys such as whips, crops, paddles, floggers and ticklers, it can be an excitingly intimate experience. Consider what each toy is and what it does:

Whips – A whip is usually a slim piece of material, often leather, that has a handle on one end. It is used to “whip” a person. The material and the person wielding the whip can determine how hard or soft the sensation is. Whips tend to be stingy and can leave marks on the skin.

Crops – If you have ever watched a horse show, you will have noticed the crop a jockey uses on the horse. These toys are designed the same way with a few modifications for human use. The noise is more motivational than the hit and with control it can go from a light slapping feeling to leaving a substantial welt. Crops with shapes cut out will leave a red mark in that shape with little effort.

Paddles – Just like the paddles you see hanging over college frat doors and in principals offices fetish paddles look a bit overwhelming at first. Depending on how hard or soft the smack is, this may be something you want more of. It tends to not leave marks unless wielded with a heavy hand, and has a stingy sensation. You can find paddles in wood, leather, and many other types of hard materials.

Floggers – Like a whip, floggers have a handle, however they usually have numerous falls (strips of leather, rubber, or rope). These have a much thuddier feeling to them. The sensation is larger and more spread out, giving you a substantial impact area. Floggers can also be made with soft fur falls giving the sensation of a much lighter impact. They are great for dragging over the skin lightly and exciting each and every sensitive part.

Ticklers – A tickler is a long stick with a soft end of either feathers or fur falls. It is a gentle way to wake up the skin. It can also be used to tickle someone who is tied up or otherwise unable to get away.

Anytime you are going to use an impact toy with your partner consider trying it out on yourself first. It is important to know what it feels like, so your expectations are not unrealistic. Use a 1 to 10 scale with your partner and ask them to give each item a grade based on both pain and on how much they like it. Above all, be sure to communicate to each other for a deeper connection and more positive and sensual experience.

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