What is the sexiest thing about you?


Sometimes it’s hard to be confident about who you are as a sexual person, and you might wonder what someone else sees in you, even if you have a partner who can’t wait to get you into bed.

This leads some people to wonder what’s sexy about them. You might have a hard time figuring out what is the sexiest thing about you, but there’s something sexy about each and every person, and we’re going to prove what’s sexy about you!

Your Sexuality

Being sexually open and adventurous is definitely sexy. Know what you want and express is to your partners. Don’t be afraid to take the reigns in bed, either. This is particularly true of women, who may be more submissive in bed. Their male partners will often love the turnaround.

Some people express their sexuality openly while others take a more subdued approached. Only your partner may know how sexual you can be, but you should still be faithful to your sexual self, and you don’t want to shy away from being sexual with your partner.

This requires a fair amount of confidence, of course, which leads us to our next point.


Your Confidence

Nothing is sexier than confidence, but it’s something that many of us lack. You can probably name something that you don’t like about the way you look. Maybe it’s your hair, your teeth or some extra weight around your midsection. But everyone can name those flaws about them. No one is truly perfect, but when someone is attracted to or even in love with those, those imperfections won’t mean a thing. It

No one is truly perfect, but when someone is attracted to or even in love with those, those shortcomings won’t mean a thing.

Practice giving yourself compliments and focus on the things you do like. Strive to improve what you can in a healthy way, but don’t be hard on yourself.

As you’re increasing your confidence level, one thing that may help is faking it until you make it. Act how you would if you were more confident. Emulate the confident people in your life. Hold your head high, look straight ahead and smile. Acting like you feel confident can help to actually become more confident.

Your Passion

Being passionate about anything will be sexy to the right person. Find what drives you, and do it. It might be caring for people or animals, creating art or even blogging about sex. Be genuine about your passion, and it will draw people in.

Your Quirks

Do you snort when you laugh? Perhaps you have dimples. Whatever it is, there’s something that’s uniquely you, and there is someone who will find it to die for. in fact, it might be something that you don’t love that is incredibly sexy to someone else, so don’t try to hide what makes you.. you!

Realizing that you are sexy just the way you are increases confidence which increases your sex appeal in general. It’s a wonderful cycle that we hope all of our readers find themselves in.

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