Orgasm is hard! Can I train my body to climax faster?

Can I train my body to climax faster?

Many people find themselves frustrated by the elusive orgasm. It takes so much time to for some people to climax, and you might be left out in the cold while your partner is satisfied. It’s easy to wonder if something is wrong with you, to pull away from your partner or feel despair, but it’s not hopeless.

Asking “Can I train my body to climax faster?” is the first step to finding a solution to this crisis; although, it might not look the way you imagined.

Focus on Pleasure

Taking too long to orgasm can seem like a big deal if you focus on orgasm as the goal of sex or masturbation. But you can still enjoy these activities even if you don’t get off.

Furthermore, there’s no amount of time in which you should be able to climax. Setting that time limit can be fun if you think you can achieve it, but it might also be unrealistic and add stress to a situation for no good reason.

Add Foreplay

Our first tip to help you climax faster is for you incorporate foreplay. It might take you a long time to orgasm during sex because you’re not yet ready for it. Foreplay helps get you ready and can induce orgasm much more quickly once penetration happens — or even before it!

Activities such as dirty talk, oral or manual stimulation, wearing lingerie and more feel good to almost everyone. And these things may be necessary for you to be able to orgasm or to do so more quickly.

Some people skip foreplay because they define sex as when a penis is in a vagina. Update your definition to include all of the other things that many people consider optional, and you might have such a good time that orgasm comes more quickly (or you might not notice if it doesn’t).

Finally, avoid imitating penetration as the goal of masturbation. Romance yourself by adding more foreplay.

If you already have your head in the right place, we’ve got a few pointers to help you climax faster.

Use Tools

What do we mean by tools?

  • Dildos offer length and width that your fingers can’t compare with, and dual-density silicone even feels pretty realistic if that’s something you want. Plus, nubs, ridges and other textures
  • Vibrators aren’t like the real thing at all, and this can be a good thing! Many women — and some men — can orgasm more quickly thanks to a rumbly vibrator. And there are plenty to choose from: G-spot/P-spot, wands, clitoral and more!
  • Erotica gets your juices flowing before you even touch yourself; although, you might find it hard to resist after reading a sexy story (or even writing one yourself!). You can imagine yourself in the story, but if you need something a little more, you can try pornography.
  • Porn gets a bad rap, but many people enjoy it regardless of gender. It might take you time to find an actor, studio, genre or director that you really like. But once you do? You might find yourself getting off faster than ever thanks to the sounds and visuals.
  • In today’s world, sexting often replaces cyber or phone sex, but whether you send an amorous message, show off on camera or simply discuss your desires with someone through the screen, you’ll be ramping up the intensity of masturbation or sex to come later. Which means you’ll come sooner.

You’ll notice that our suggestions aren’t necessarily about training your body. In fact, most of them start with your mind. If you’re not mentally interested in sex, especially if you’re a woman, then orgasm will be more difficult if not impossible.

So slow things down. Give yourself enough time to get mentally excited, whether it’s adding more time to your sexual routine or adding foreplay throughout the day, week or even month prior to your sexual adventure.

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