When is the last time you had a dirty dream? And what do they mean?

When is the last time you had a dirty dream?

When is the last time you had a dirty dream? Perhaps you have them all the time, or you might rarely dream about sex. Like any dreams, dirty dreams might not make sense, and you might feel conflicted about the characters who show up in your sexy dreams.

If you want to know how to interpret your dirty dreams, read on.

What Does a Sex Dream Mean?

Some people say that dreaming about someone in a sexual way doesn’t necessarily mean that you want sex. For example, that person could be successful at work while you feel like you’re struggling. Or you might dream about a friend’s partner simply because you desire that loving connection. I know that I often have dreams where I’m in peril, and I try to seduce the person in control so that I can live unscathed. It’s no surprise what I want from them!

Of course, there are times when dreaming about sex is pretty obvious. Maybe you’ve been watching or reading something steamy (so adding more sexy media to your repertoire can help you have more sexy dreams if you’d like them). There might be someone new in your life, and you’ve been lusting over them.

Having hot sex might lead to some sexy dreams, but so can not getting enough. Your mind and body automatically turn to sex after you close your eyes. You might even orgasm during your sleep and, if you’re like me, you might wake up and hazily masturbate before drifting back to sleep.

Masturbating is a good way to ease the sexual tension you might experience, even if you have a partner. And if you do, he or she might enjoy hearing about their role in your sexy dreams (even if you have to switch it up because your brain was thinking about someone else.)

There’s nothing wrong if you dream about sex often or not at all. Plenty of people enjoy their sex dreams, but you shouldn’t worry if your sex dreams don’t make sense. They’re just like other dreams, after all.

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