Don’t Deny Those Dirty Thoughts – Why We Have Dirty Minds, and That’s Okay

untitledDon’t deny those dirty thoughts- bringing your fantasies to reality: why we have a dirty mind. It is the popular belief that every seven seconds, men think about sex and it is likely a comparable number for women.

That is around a staggering 8,000 times a day, but you might be surprised to learn that there is actually no scientific evidence to back up that claim. Honestly, if a researcher asked you to count your dirty thoughts per day, you would skew your own numbers by trying not to look like a pervert or having your brain completely rebel against you and let loose a torrent of pent-up arousal. However, it is true that both men and women have just absolutely filthy minds, even if they realize it or not. You may find yourself having a private thought or two about that hot stud at the gym or casually passing by a window display and thinking about all the things you would do to that mannequin if she were a real woman, and having those dirty thoughts is just fine.

Dirty thoughts can actually be good for you. Not only do they suggest good sexual health, but studies have found that associating information with a dirty thought can improve memory. With a universal interest that people share in sex, associating information you want to remember with something arousing makes that information infinitely more interesting to the brain. Nothing stands as better proof to fact than the age-old pubescent math rhyme, “Chicks, chicks, dirty chicks, six times six is thirty-six,” which you may have enjoyed on the playground while learning multiplication tables.

However, if dirty thoughts are working in your advantage, how often do we really have them? According to a study a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, the number of times that men think about sex is not the unrealistic once every seven seconds, but rather about 19 times a day, with women following in at 10 times a day. Of course, as we all know, some men and women have dirtier minds than others, but the study presents an accurate average.

Our frequently dirty minds all date back to our earliest ancestors in order for us to secure the stability of the species. While the thought of an early homo sapien male checking out the women from the next cave over is amusing, we continue to have dirty minds because sex is fun. Sex releases endorphins and other chemicals in order to make us feel good and if it were up to our brain, we would have sex all the time. A study published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science states that sex makes up happier and dirty thoughts are there to nudge us in that direction. It is our brain subconsciously trying to cheer us up. Dirty thoughts for women are especially beneficial as while men can get turned on by a few seductive sights, but women need a little more fantasy to foster arousal.

Yet, with all its benefits, dirty thoughts have become significantly demonized in society. Newlywed women abandon their favorite masturbatory fantasies because they think they should only focus on their new husbands, and men try to quell their thirst for trying out new ideas in bed just in case it might kill the prospect of having sex at all. In reality, it is the expression of these dirty thoughts and fantasies that can raise your sex life and relationship to a whole new level. While society is becoming progressively more open towards sexual freedom, there is still a long way to go, but if anything can be said about your dirty mind, it is that it is completely normal.

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