Product highlight: Callie a luxury vibe for mind-blowing orgasms


Jopen’s line of Callie vibrators combines sophisticated white silicone with golden touches. The result? Sex toys that are as pretty to look at as they are fun to use.


There are four sleek sex toys in the Callie line: a vibrating dual massager, a vibrating mini wand, the vibrating mini massager and a vibrating wand. Read on to learn more about each toy to choose the vibrator that’s best for you.

Callie Vibrating Dual Massager

The rabbit vibrator has finally moved into the 21st century with this luxury design. A clitoral nub and internal shaft (6 inches total) offer simultaneous stimulation. There are seven different functions, each with five speeds. Plus, you can take it into the shower or bath because it’s waterproof.

Calli Vibrating Mini Wand

This smaller vibrator is just 5 inches long. It works both for external stimulation (clitoris, nipples, etc) and internal stimulation if you’re not a size queen. There are seven functions that are controlled by an easy-to-use push button.  The sleek white design is highlighted by the golden base.


Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

This vibrator in the Callie line is a bullet vibrator, perfect for clitoral stimulation. However, it’s not your ordinary bullet! The remote is a sleek golden control that looks nothing like traditional controls. It has a push button, and it connects to the toy via wire. The length of the wire means you can comfortably use the toy solo or pass off the remote to your lover for more fun.

Callie Vibrating Wand

jopen3The larger version of the vibrating wand has an elegant, tapered design that makes it fun to use. It’s great for vaginal use; although, it’s not safe for anal penetration. In just two hours, it’ll be completely charged, and you can cycle through the seven settings. Like the other toys in this line, it’s waterproof and charges via USB cable, which is included.

Treat yourself to modern eroticism with a Callie a luxury vibe. None of these sex toys costs over $80, so you might even add two to your cart.

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