Introducing the Dancing Pearl Rabbit from Evolved Novelties

Dancing Pearl from Evolved product feature

Are basic dildos and vibrators simply not giving you that excitement you used to enjoy during moments of intimacy any longer? Are you interested in finding something new, and even a bit unique to heighten your sexual experience? If so, the Dancing Pearl Rabbit from Evolved Novelties is a product that will assuredly peak your interest!


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Explore Your Shades of Passion with the Provacative Spreader Bar


A spreader bar is a product one may not have heard much, if anything, about until the recent release of a certain erotic series exploring the world of bondage. With the gathering interest into the many layers of eroticism, it’s natural to want to know a little about some of the products out there that will add an exciting degree of kink in the bedroom. The spreader bar is assuredly an item that will give both partners a thrill, as it plays upon one’s feelings of trust, suspense, pleasure, and control from a stimulating position.

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BDSM Newbie – what you need to know


BD/SM (Bondage & Discipline / Sadism & Masochism) is a lifestyle that has begun to come out of the closet more and more with the help of movies, television, and social media. If this is something you or your partner have been curious about, but are not sure where to start here are some ways you can express your desires to your significant other and step out into your local fetish community.

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Are You Secretly Into BDSM? Ready to give it a go?


Being into BDSM is becoming more and more mainstream, but it’s still not something you generally want to bring up at the water cooler. If you are secretly into BDSM  it might be a little tricky to bring it up even in an established relationship with a trusted partner. Whatever you do, do not suddenly spring your desires on your partner in the middle of a hot moment. You don’t want to be going about your normal vanilla foreplay, stop mid-stride and say, “Hey, honey, would you please, please bind me, gag me, and flog me?”

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