An Introduction to Kegal Balls and How They Will Benefit You

Kegal Balls, also known as Ben Wa balls are an item many probably assume are simply some BDSM toy, but the truth is there are some great benefits to using Kegal balls, and these benefits are not limited to sexual use. The following is some information regarding Kegal balls, and a couple different ways they can benefit you!


What are Kegal Balls?

Kegal balls are actual balls that are used for strengthening the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, as well as for sexual indulgence. They’re made from a variety of materials such as surgical steel, silicone, and glass. The surgical steel is popular as they are well weighted, and easily cleaned with soap and water. The balls can range from the size of an olive to 2″ in diameter. Some balls are specially weighted, and there are even some that vibrate! While many Kegal balls and Ben Wa balls are typically considered the same thing, there are some who refer to Kegal balls as weighted balls primarily used for exercise, while Ben Wa balls are referred to as those used for pleasure. Truthfully, they are the same, and often it’s just a difference in marketing that at times separates the two names.

What are Kegal Balls used for?

One of the uses of Kegal balls is for strengthening the vaginal muscles, and the pelvic floor. After women give birth most often the vaginal muscles need re-strengthening. While many doctors often suggest doing kegal exercises, a process of tightening the vaginal muscles and letting go over and over, the use of Kegal balls will really assist in speeding up this process. Using Kegal balls to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor will help with bladder control, which can be an issue in both aging women, and those who’ve just given birth. It’s also suggested that using Kegal balls for exercise pre-pregnancy helps with labor and delivery as the vaginal muscles are stronger, giving you more control.

The other use of Kegal balls is for, of course, pleasure. As explained above, Kegal balls help strengthen the vaginal, and pelvic muscles which will also increase pleasure during sex. In addition, the use of Kegal balls during sex is also a very popular way to increase sexual gratification. The woman inserts the balls into her vagina. The ball moves around the during sex, which is very pleasurable for both partners. Of course, those that vibrate are ideally used for heightened sexual encounters.

What size and weight should I start with?

It’s recommended that beginners start with a larger ball of lighter weight as they are easier to hold in. Once the vaginal muscles are stronger you will be able to use smaller, heavier balls more easily.

With a variety of benefits in both health and pleasure, this is a product well worth looking into!

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