Introducing the Dancing Pearl Rabbit from Evolved Novelties

Dancing Pearl from Evolved product feature

Are basic dildos and vibrators simply not giving you that excitement you used to enjoy during moments of intimacy any longer? Are you interested in finding something new, and even a bit unique to heighten your sexual experience? If so, the Dancing Pearl Rabbit from Evolved Novelties is a product that will assuredly peak your interest!


While this purple silicon made, phallic shaped, rechargeable vibrator may seem like any other toy, its functions offer more than meet the eye. This product offers two different types of movement experience from both within the shaft, and the rabbit ears, specially designed to deliver a most gratifying experience. Pleasure beads fitted inside the shaft slide back and forth when the product is switched on, providing a sensuous sensation from within, while the rabbit ears work on the outside, arousing the clitoris. The dual motors and separate controls allows you to operate the features you wish to use at any given moment; whether you want to use one at a time, or both together, the decision is entirely yours! Both the shaft and rabbit ears are equipped with three speed settings allowing the option to regulate how hard, or fast you prefer. This stimulating creation measures at 9.25″ long, and can be inserted up to 5.25″. It’s width is approximately 1.35″.

Charging this product is easy as it’s used with a magnetic USB charger, and runs for up to three hours straight, so there is no need to worry about replacing batteries during inopportune moments.

Whether you are a beginner when it comes to dildos and vibrators or an experienced playmate, you will undoubtedly enjoy the diverse range of sensations provided by the incredible Dancing Pearl Rabbit.

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