Product Feature: Renegade Vibrating Massager… your new best friend.

Men, if you are looking for a new toy this may be the one for you. The Renegade Vibrating Massager is a strong prostate massager that is made with a specific angle to allow for perineum simulations as well. The curve of Renegade keeps the larger part of the shaft snug up against inner wall with the end reaching up to the prostate for exciting stimulation.

The soft medical grade silicone material is super soft to the touch, and stands up strong to the angles of your body fitting perfectly against the P spot (Prostate Spot). As with any anal toy be sure to use the correct amount of lube. That will help you or your partner enjoy each bump and nub along the shaft as it is put in place. Lube is important when doing anything that involves the anus because it is a sensitive part of your body that does not self-lubricate enough to insert toys comfortably. Be sure to use a water based lube that is made specifically for medical grade silicone.


This is not just an insertable, it is also a vibrator with a strong bullet in the base that sends vibrations all the way through the shaft giving him pleasure. The vibrations also help to relax the sphincter muscles in the anus making it easier to insert and more comfortable for longer use. The bullet vibe is removable allowing the Renegade Vibrating Massager to be used with or without it. Removing it also makes it easier to clean.

When the Renegade is inserted close contact with another partner will allow them to also feel the vibrations during sex or play. This vibrating massager is perfect for the beginner or advanced bottom.

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