15 biggest turn offs for guys you can easily avoid

Although men are, by nature, incredibly sexual beings, there are ways in which women can turn them off, and you may not even realize it. Little quirks about yourself, or things you thought maybe he enjoyed, or something your girlfriend told you about that you thought might turn him on, might just being doing the opposite. (maybe you should tell that girlfriend too!) You want to feel sexy for your man, so here are 15 biggest turn offs for guys so you can avoid them…


  1. Let him see you! Every woman has body issues or insecurities, even supermodels (right?) but he is most definitely not noticing any of that! Men are visual creatures, and get turned on by looking at you. During sex, you look like every hot female you can think of to him, for real! So let him see you in all your glory!
  2. Don’t always let him initiate sex… As much as you like to feel wanted and have him initiate sex, so does he every once in a while! Let him know that you want him just as much, and it will absolutely turn him on!
  3. Dump the frump… You don’t have to buy high-end lingerie, but sexy time is a no granny panty zone. Make sure your undergarments don’t turn him off by having some lace or sheerness, and not the high-waisted, full coverage options!
  4. Don’t be lazy… This should go without saying, but if you’re just laying there during sex, it’s fairly likely that he is turned off. Be engaged, and take an active role in building the mood with him!
  5. Don’t bring the outside in… When you’re in the moment, be in the moment! It’s a surefire way to quickly turn him off if you at all talk about anything outside of the bedroom. Get your mind in the game!
  6. Don’t be afraid…to talk dirty! No bigger turn off when he’s in the mood and talking to dirty to you, then if you reply with the scientific or technical name for a body part, or some embarrassed, halted sentence. Go with it!
  7. Don’t miss stroking… his ego. It is a turn off for men if you lack enthusiasm in his performance. Men need to feel like sexual powerhouses, so pump him up in skills!
  8. Don’t be fake… Faking it is a thing of the past, and often men can pick up on that, and will instantly turn him off. Women can speak their minds, and you should. Gently guide him to what you like or prefer, rather than just faking enjoyment.
  9. No weird pet names… Any cute nicknames are not welcome during sex, calling him “schmoopie” is an instant mood killer.
  10. No high maintenance… The last thing he wants is you being concerned about your hair or makeup. It doesn’t matter what your hair is doing at that time anyway, the messier the better!
  11. Keep it smooth… Shave! Stubbles when he’s running his hand up your leg might have him running.
  12. Have some feedback… Rolling over and passing out is a definite turn off. That connection right after sex is important communication in a relationship!
  13. Don’t be too rough… with his package. It’s marked to “handle with care” because rough handling is a definite turn off!
  14. Don’t compare… ever! He never needs to know details of your past, and should always feel like he’s you best!
  15. Show confidence… Most important, be confident! No one is an expert, but confidence in what you got in the bedroom will be a major turn on for him!

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