The 15 Biggest Turn Offs For Women


Many a man and woman have pondered for years over the age-old question of “what women want”, and, truthfully, we aren’t always entirely sure ourselves. However, most women definitely know what they don’t want when it comes to their romantic partners, so if you’re keen on keeping that special lady in your life around for a little while, do yourself a favor and take a look at the 15 biggest turn offs for women.

  1. Extreme Laziness: Lounging around the house and being a couch potato is great every once in a while, but when that’s quite literally all you seem to do, we lose interest.
  2. Checking Out Other Women: We’re all visual creatures by nature, so we’re going to take a peak when someone overtly attractive walks by, but that’s why we wear sunglasses. Boldly eyeballing other people while you’re with your partner is just plain rude.
  3. Straight-Up Infidelity: No woman is going to take it well when her lover betrays her trust. Cheating is definitely a sure-fire way to ensure that she will be turned off by you for most, if not all, of eternity.
  4. Selfishness: Sharing is hard, we know, but when looking for romantic partners, we really don’t go for the ones that tend to keep everything to themselves 24/7.
  5. Being Overly Possessive: It’s endearing sometimes when our partners get a bit jealous over something because it shows that they care, but when that jealousy takes over and becomes possessiveness to the extent that you’re trying to control our every move, there’s a problem.
  6. Being Rude to Service Workers: Nothing is as embarrassing as having to endure a date with someone who is rude to the people who are doing you a service. Being hateful towards waiters and other service workers is a massive libido dampener.
  7. Crocs: You might think it’s a joke, but wearing Crocs is a great way to guarantee that you will not be getting laid on your date. Go ahead. Test that theory out, if you dare.
  8. Not Listening: We get it, sometimes we can drone on about topics that are less than interesting to you, but we’re talking to you for a reason, and it’s nice if you at least try to listen. If we wanted to talk to something non-responsive, we would just start chatting at the wall.
  9. Neckbeards: Beards? Sexy. Unkempt neck beard growth resulting from a lack of general caring and personal upkeep? Not so much.
  10. Half-Hearted Foreplay and Selfish Sex: If you’re a guy, it’s great that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice, but sometimes women need you to warm up the car a little before going for a drive. It’s also always a great thing to keep in mind that just because YOU finished, it doesn’t mean that we have. Gentlemen (and some ladies) always makes sure their female partners are satisfied as well.
  11. Poor Hygiene: No one in their right mind wants to get up close and personal with someone who stinks or doesn’t brush their teeth regularly. If you want to turn on a woman, clean up your act.
  12. Bad Fashion Choices: No, we’re not asking for black tie attire every day, but a clean shirt and pair of jeans really isn’t a huge thing to ask for. Dirty clothes and unkempt anything are just huge turn offs.
  13. Constantly Being Late: We’re all only human and things happen sometimes, but showing up late to events and dates on the regular is a giant no-no.
  14. Terrible Kissers: Kissing is a fairly unique experience for different people, but most women can agree that they don’t want super sloppy, super aggressive, or super anything when it comes to kissing. Sometimes less really is more.
  15. Sexual Pushiness: No means no. Period. If a woman doesn’t seem interested or ready to jump into the physical stuff, pressuring her to do it before she’s ready definitely won’t improve your odds any further.

See? It’s all pretty straight-forward and common sense. We may never understand each other completely, and that’s OK, but at least once we start recognizing what we don’t want in our romantic lives, we come that much closer to recognizing what we do want.

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